WORDPRESS | How to make a translation in your language

To translate a theme you need to edit .po and .mo files.
they should be in /languages/ or /lang/ folder of your theme.

If you don’t have your language, then :

Download poedit from sourceforge – Mac Os X – Windows – Linux

  • Open en_US.po with poEdit and save the file as fr_FR.po
    or duplicate rename it, then open it with poEdit as you wish.

  • Go to catalogue/configuration, and Put french & france

  • Make your traduction

  • save the file

  • you now have an fr_FR.mo file (and fr_FR.po automatically generated)

  • Put it in the /languages/ or /lang/ folder of your theme if you did not edit from there.

Now, in your wp-config.php be sure to have then fr_FR on the lang line.
and that french is choosen in your blog options.

French was used but of course just choose the language you want traduction for.

source in french

Software poedit for Mac Os X


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