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Prestashop | Copy an Online “production” to a “local” VM/Server


How-to move a “production” Prestashop online shop to another Server (here a Local VM) for dev or upgrade tests purpose.

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Prestashop | failed to open stream | headers already sent by

I recently had a very big bug. with debugging lines both in the back Office and the front office such as : /cache/cachefs [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /classes/CacheFS.php on line 51 Warning: Cannot

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WORDPRESS | How to make a translation in your language

To translate a theme you need to edit .po and .mo files. they should be in /languages/ or /lang/ folder of your theme. If you don’t have your language, then :

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Déplacer dupliquer l’install WordPress

Dans le but de tester la MàJ du thème elegantthemes utilisé Goal is to test the new Theme release of “the Professional” from elegantthemes that Is used by a client on both intranet and internet public website. Previous webdev did

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Authorize an IP Address to a WordPress BackOffice protected with .htaccess


Not long ago I had more than 2600 attempts, in less than 24 hours, to hack the Back Office of a WordPress website. Hopefully I have some plugin to prevent that, but still I was not happy. I then decided

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WORDPRESS | Surligner les résultats de recherche WordPress avec jQuery


Ce hack PHP pour WordPress vous permettra de mettre en surbrillance les mots-clés dans les résultats de recherche de votre site WordPress. utilise avec letheme The Professional de elegantthemes

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WORDPRESS | Personnaliser le logo de connexion sans plugin

Pour personnaliser la page de connexion avec votre logo sans plugin, ajouter une fontion dans le fichier functions.php (du theme ou du child-theme si vous en utilisez un).

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WORDPRESS | Add login logout shortcut in the footer

A simple shorcut this time to add a link to the wp-login page directly from the footer (in this case). you’ll be redirected, but the text will changed depending if you’re logged in or not.

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