Virtualize OsX with ESXi6 on a DELL PowerEdge 2950 with Unlocker | Introduction

For fun and because I really plan to fully virtualize my Os X Servers in the future.

I’ll give another try with the unlocker I already successfully used on VMWareWorksation 11 on a Dell Laptop (LATITUDE E2740).

Note : Poweredge2950 is not officially supported for ESXi6.
And the PowerEdge2950 I own, is “old” and has low memory (8 Gb @ 667Mhz only) and a single DualCore @ 1,26 Ghz.
So it is only for testing purpose. If it works on this Hardware it “will” on much recent ones.
Do not Expect Huge performances here unless you do have a more robust Hardware at hand.


After palying a bit, I confirm performances are really bad with this testing setup. I could add a second CPU, upgrade Memory. Maybe I’ll do it but I doubt it. this is only for fun and test.

Go to part 1.

below the Very Helpfull Sources.

Unlocker, the Unlocker, the Magic Util :
Works fine in Workstation11 and ESXi6 as of testing.


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