Virtualize OsX with ESXi6 on a DELL PowerEdge 2950 with Unlocker | Part 3

Part3 Migrate Existing Fusion7 (native) Os X VM.

Upload the VM and add the necessery .vmx from above at the end of file.
I add a failure in the second HDD stating it was unreadable and I had to format it ;( huhuhuh !

So I uploaded it via CyberDuck SFTP, deleted the second Hdd from the VM, added the new freshly uploaded and had a failure preventing boot.

a bit of googling and here is the magic stuff (see usefull sources at the end of the post).

**convert the drive locally, then upload it, then add it back to the VM.

cd /Applications/VMware\

./VMware-vdiskmanager -r “/Volumes/MINIVMDATAS/Virtual Machines/OS X 10.10 Server – ESXiDev.vmwarevm/Virtual Disk 2-cl2-000001.vmdk” -t 4 “/Volumes/MINIVMDATAS/Virtual Machines/VMDKsConvert/Virtual Disk 2-cl2-000001.vmdk”

./VMware-vdiskmanager -r “/Volumes/MINIVMDATAS/Virtual Machines/OS X 10.10 Server – ESXiDev.vmwarevm/Virtual Disk 2-cl2.vmdk” -t 4 “/Volumes/MINIVMDATAS/Virtual Machines/VMDKsConvert/Virtual Disk 2-cl2.vmdk”

VixDiskLib: Invalid configuration file parameter. Failed to read configuration file.
Creating disk ‘/Volumes/MINIVMDATAS/Virtual Machines/VMDKsConvert/Virtual Disk 2-cl2.vmdk’
Convert: 100% done.
Virtual disk conversion successful.

todo Next (maybe) :

Option 1:

  • Create a Fresh VM in ESXi
  • Upload locally converted disc(s) inside it
  • Edit the VM so it uses the discs

Option 2:

  • Duplicate a VM in OsX.
  • Navigate inside the VM folder and convert the drives.
  • Upload the whole stuff to ESXi
  • use the IMPORT VM in VSphere Client

Note :

I have Snapshots, so I choose the -000001.vmk (just looked at the VM settings in Fusion).

Very Helpfull Sources

Unlocker, the Unlocker, the Magic Util :
Works fine in Workstation11 and ESXi6 as of testing.


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