Virtualize OsX with ESXi6 on a DELL PowerEdge 2950 with Unlocker | Part 2

Part2: Create a New Os X VM.

First : we need to create a custom dmg for Maverick and YOSEMITE.

I’ll post it later on, and I’ll use part of my SFOTT script to do so.
EDIT – not needed. simply grab InstallESD.dmg from the Installer App.

Second : we need to convert the InstallESD.dmg to .iso

convert installESD.dmg to iso

cd /some/path/to/folder/containing/InstallESD.dmg
hdutil convert ./InstallESD.dmg -format UDTO -o InstallESD
mv installESD.cdr installESD.iso

Note the hdutil command will automatically add the .cdr extension that why we rename it with .iso

Upload the iso to the ESXi (you can use the VSphere or scp as you like.)

I choose to create a dedicated Folder in datastore1 so I can find easily isos.


Note : I since this installed ESXi on a XServe2,1 and did not need to tweak with the iso stuff. I’ll give a try to see if on the PowerEdge, I can also use directly the DMG.

Now create the new VM

  1. Choose Hardware v10
  2. bla

Edit the VM – do not launch it

settings 1
settings 2


via ssh or SFTP (cyberduck transmit whatever)

edit the .vmx file and at the end add :

smc.present = "TRUE"
smc.version = "0"
smbios.reflectHost = "TRUE"
SMBIOS.use12CharSerialNumber = "TRUE"

Note for more specific tweaks for the .vmx file go there: VMware Os X : forceHardware Model and other tweaks

Now edit the VM and choose the InstallESD.iso from the datastore1 folder you choosed earlier fro the CD-DVD.


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