Update DeployStudio Netboot Set

or create older Os X version NetbootSet on newer Os X Version.

For example make a 10.7.x Netboot Set from a running 10.8.x Server.

When updating DeployStudio Server I had pb with older DS NetbootSet.

-Errors I had:

I have 10.7.x DS Netboot Sets, now on a 10.8.x Os X Server running an updated version of DeployStudio Server 1.6.3 (compared to the the one in the 10.7.x NetbootSet).

Netbooting is OK but it won’t run DSruntime claiming version mismatch, and then quits. So I’m stuck here.

I then tried to cheat by mounting the spareimage located into the Nib file of the DSset and changed the DesployStudioAdmin.app in the Utility folder but even if it boots, I’ve got a black screen and an instant reboot – in a loop. So i’m stuck again.

-No Choice but to create New Netboot Set

So here, I am on a 10.8.x server with the need (the will in that case) to Netboot on Lion and not Mountain Lion.

Hopefully I have ‘NEVER BOOTED images’ as I always make images of Any newly never booted Mac that passes in my hands – and you shoudl do so even though things have changed with the /Applications/installs of OS X from the AppStore.

I use mondada Ducan’s SIC utility here, but AutoDMG could do the trick too with App Store Os X installs, SIC can deal those too.

So, I do have some thin never booted images in my Very DeployStudio Masters folder that I do use in my workflows…

  • Mount the ‘never booted image’ maybe the image you previously used to make the previous Netboot Set.
  • And then Run DS assitant and create a New NetbootSet.

Once done, you’re good to go, you can netboot choosing your newly up to date DS Netboot Set, and run your Workflows like ‘before’.

This could be very handy if let’s say that you’ve updated your server to a later version, but the computer you want to manage does not support the later version.

Like creating a DS Netboot set of Lion on a 10.8 Server.


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