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Changing Services Settings in Yosemite Server

With Os X Server you can move the Service data. Launch, then in the Settings pane you can edit the service Data by Clicking the Edit… button. But it’s all or nothing from the GUI. If like me you’d

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Renew the Code Signing Certificate on Os X Server 10.8.x


Server app warns me I have to renew the code signing certificate soon. It tells me everyday. It will do so until I do renew it…but nothing happens when I clic in the Server GUI…. Ok according to this Apple

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Lion Server | Quick and dirty way to solve “error reading settings”

“error reading settings” If you ever had this message in Server App then you’re like me … and many others. This is a pgsql database corruption. I’ve spent hours to solve this, cloned back entire systems etc… until I found

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Serveradmin backup settings

$ sudo serveradmin settings all > ~/Desktop/serveradmin-yyyymmdd-hhmm.backup

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