Some notes, What SFOTT is Not (yet)

As a friend suggested me, I think I should precise that the SFOTT tool is or what the SFOTT is NOT.

SFOTT will “only” permit the creation of the install USB KEY to get Mavericks (and yet to come Mountain Lion I think – but have to test blabla) installed on an unsupported Mac.

This means

First )

You must have the Installer on the Computer running the script – at least for the creation of USB Key. Once the Key is done of course you don’t need the Installer if you only want to patch it again with another Computer to add. This means legally purchased and downloaded from the App Store concerning Mountain Lion and well as Mavericks is Free… Legally Downloaded.

Second )

that for now :

it is for 32bits Macs and relies on Tiamo’s boot.efi.

I have to check out if any 64bit Macs are not supported and if so I’ll propose an Option.

I allready – at the time of writing – made a function to check if the Mac running the Script is 64bit or 32bit. I’ll insert it tonight (GMT time) if I have time.

So either:

1) only 32bit are not allowed to get ML / Mavericks and then well The key will get the Tiamo’s boot.efi, and the 32bit 64bit will only be displayed for “information purpose”

2) Some 64bit are also “not supported” and then this will mean testing, because then I think only the .plist patch would be needed. As of now I dont see any good reason to put 32bit boot.efi on real 64bit Macs, but I may be wrong.

This would mean the boot.efi replacement part of the script could optionnal then. It will depend on the feedback I may have.

For now as the function is made I’ll include it and print the information just “FYI”.

Third )

This is indeed Important
SFOTT won’t get rid of Missing wifi Video Cards problem etc… this way out of the scope of this tool (for now at least)

I may include some functions like addind special Kext why not.
I could be enter the url of the Kext, then the tool would download it and put in on the key.
it wouldn’t I think install it on the Target Mac, but while booting on the key again we could image to install the Kext and Or Patch on the freshly installed Mac. this would be a Next step.

That’s it for this clarification about What SFOTT is NOT.

Even if I think that anyone willing to get the tool may know about it, My friend is right to tell me I should precise this. Most of This note will be part of the yet to come Help/readme file.

Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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8 comments on “Some notes, What SFOTT is Not (yet)
  1. Avatar Noah Frigault says:

    Hello! I used your program to successfully install Mavericks on my late 2006 24″ imac EMC 2111. Thank you! However, I was wondering if you knew offhand of any issues with Nvidia Geforce 7600 graphics cards and Mavericks. Everything boots up fine, but I am having some graphics slowness and glitches, and video will not show (no sound with video either). I have looked around but can’t seem to correctly diagnose the problem. I know this may be a hardware problem, but I want to be sure.

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Noah,

      Glad the tool helped you.

      For the graphics or wifi, I’not really focused on this. I’ve only focused on making a simpler tool. I even myself didn’t investigate on those on my two test machines – MacMini2,1 & MacPro1,1.

      On the mini I have no Wifi showing up.
      and on the Macpro well no wifi on the board so I couldn’t check, Graphics are ok but resolution is fix. When the tool will be a bit more “advanced” I may investigate on ways to eventually make another tool.

      Best way I’ve read on this is to get Lion Kext rather than Maverick.

      But again I’m won’t be a good help (for now) as I focus on making the tool.

      At first it was a personnal bash shell scripting challenge, only when I saw I reached 1200+ lines of code and that all seemed to be fine I decided to post it.

      Concerning the Macpro1,1 it is at work so I cannot really tweak it for now.

      Like I wrote in the post you’ll notice I was wondering about that, but that would be another tool I think, and it would definitly slide towards Hackintosh stuff. My best advice would be to get a Maverick compatible videoCard rather than messing with kext. but that would need further investigation before spending any money of course.

  2. Avatar Noah Frigault says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was able to get audio up and running and some poor quality internet video but no luck finding the right kext. Still, your information was helpful! I will check back periodically to see the progress on SFOTT and hopefully get this figured out soon. Thanks again!

  3. oem oem says:


    I have to work in my ‘real everyday fulltime job’, so that’s why I focus on only the key creation ( and patching), as it’s closer to my other job aka “Mac SysAdmin”.
    I first played with shadow dmg inside another shadow dmg and that went very nice. but it failed at the install. Saying me that the installer was not the original one (indeed).
    So I went back to the Base System clone method.
    it’s been a very good training I must say, and I enjoy it.
    Anyway just to say that if I had more Time I would have worked on a brother tool for dealing with kexts… maybe later maybe not… that’s too much work as there is too much Hardware to deal with.

    beside adding some functions (chosing install path, etc…) I definitely want to go Xcode next. this will be the NextStep for me.

  4. Avatar Kris Tilford says:

    I used SFOTT successfully on a Mac Pro 1,1 with Netkas Mac Pro 2006-2007 Firmware Tool firmware update to Mac Pro 2,1 firmware, with a flashed PC to Mac Radeon HD5770.

    I used the automatic settings, and everything worked perfect and seamlessly, except one small thing. I wanted to use “Find My Mac” to locate my iPhone, and it wouldn’t work because it says it needs the recovery HD partition to work. This seems crazy to waste 8GB on a recovery partition when I have the SFOTT installer key. Is there an easy solution for this minor issue? Otherwise, SFOTT works 100% perfect for me, THANK YOU!

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Kris,

      I’m currently working on this and I have some ideas. there are differents approches.
      anyway I’m on it, with christhmas and new year it may take more time than what we expect :)

  5. Avatar Jim says:

    Very stable install. Now running 10.9.5.
    Has anyone tried putting 8gb dimms in to get 64gb total?
    I just wondered if the OS will support them as apparently the octo-core 2.1 should.

  6. Avatar PM says:

    MacPro 1.1 2006 passé en 2.1, upgradé en 2 quadricores, sous 10.6.8.

    Réussite complète avec l’installeur 10.9.5 sur une clé 8G.
    Seul le fantastique adaptateur téléphonique PhLink d’Ovolab n’est pas reconnu, mais il suffit de passer un patch USB disponible sur le net pour le récupérer.

    Sur le plan graphique, la carte GeForce 7300 initiale occasionne des effacements d’écran sous la souris… , une Radeon 5500 est parfaitement fonctionnelle (sauf l’absence de splash screen au démarrage), une Nvidia 8800 est bien reconnue mais les écrans restent noirs sauf si quelque chose est connecté à la Radeon (en revanche, si on accède au Mac à distance, les écrans apparaissent fonctionnels…).

    Bizarrement, en appliquant la même méthode sur un autre MacPro 1.1 également transformé en 2.1 quadricore, impossible de redémarrer sur SFOTT, ni sur la clé, ni sur une partition d’un disque dur ???
    Principale différence, le système de démarrage est sur un SSD sur le SATA interne (pas dans les baies de disque dur).

    Un petit détail pratique : il est tentant, mais il ne faut évidemment pas le faire, de mettre le script et l’installeur sur la partition qu’on veut utiliser ! Cela bloque le script en empêchant de démonter le volume.

    En tous cas, un immense merci pour votre magnifique travail.

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