SFOTT – pre-release

Today I’m posting my first Install.


Update / edit : New version, please go to the main Sfott page to get it.

here : Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)

It is a dmg containing :

An Applescript Application Bundle to “easily” launch the Script in a Terminal Window.
For now all is Shell scripting but no worries you just have to choose Options.
The only time you would actually enter a Text is if you want to add another computer than the one on wich you’re actually running the script.

You can either do stuff step by step, or all at once (be sure to double check settings, the target USB disc is totally erased to make the Key)
Then later on you can run it to add another computer(s).


I spent lot of time understand the case esac shell stuff, but I think it’s ok now.
I’ve tested (I think) all the functions and Options available on the App. And all went fine.

There not really any “Help for Now” But all is straight forward if you follow on screen instructions.

The “Application” is just here to act as a launcher for the script and avoid opening Terminal then drag and dropping the script, and forget to sudo then redo the stuff with sudo…

Launch the launcher, click on the launch button and A Terminal window will open prompting for your admin password. The you’re good to go.

There is basic Preferences plist written and read to keep settings and not have to redo everything.

I’m already thinking of merging some menus/Options, and Most of all I want at minimum an Applescript app made with “AppleScript Editor” and at best I’ll go and play with Xcode. but that’s future plans.

for now, You can download the dmg here :

Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)

It contains an installer pkg that will put the Applescript app and the (shell script bundle in it) in the /Applications/Utilities.

This is mostly for me a way to play with code an improve my (little) knowledge. But it may help others.

I hope you’ll Enjoy as I do.

This wouldn’t be possible without Tiamo’s work in the first place.


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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96 comments on “SFOTT – pre-release
  1. Avatar Bill says:

    Hello and Bonjour.

    Thanks for developing a program that puts Mavericks on old Mac Pros like my 1,1. It did not work on mine. It said my computer could not work with this OS. I noticed your program for building the boot stick said my computer has 32 bit firmware (EFI32) and that it was unsupported and I would need to get a patched key. How do I go about getting this patched key? Do I need to manually replace the boot.efi in my system before running the install? Also, your program thinks my machine is a MacPro 3,1 (Mac-F42C88C8) and it is a MacPro 1,1 (I always thought it was Mac-F4208DC9, but it says Mac-F42C88C8 now, but still MacPro 1,1). Maybe that messed things up. I tried to repatch and rename computer on second try. Still no luck. Any ideas? I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and I have the stock graphics card in it, but will put a ATI Radeon HD 5870 in it as soon as I successfully installed Mavericks. Would it help to put the HD 5870 in before I try to install Mavericks? The 5870 is a PC video card. My stock mac video card (Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT) is running things now. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I tried to use your regular contact or messaging system, but I think it is having problems. This is why I am posting rather than using your regular email. I just thought you should know. Thanks again for everything.


    • oem oem says:

      Hello Bill,

      Ok so that’s weird and you are the second person for which the command tells you’ve got a MacPro3,1 rather than a MacPro1,1.

      in order (more or less)
      – Process is to get a usb stick or internal partition/disk (Please note : it will be wipe out) then
      – run the script on it (from your computer with the key as target). the script does an installer key, then it patches it with settings. and then boot on it. (which is what you obviously did)

      – for the graphic card, I did made tests with a MacPro1,1 and a 7300 GT, so stick to it until it works – so you’re sure you’ll have screen feedback – I don’t know if you’ll have anything on screen with the PC card – meaning during the boot process wich is the important part. later on when Mavericks will run, it won’t be very important to get “no screen” until boot process is accomplished….)

      – 10.6.8 well I did code a lot on this System at work…. so it is (should) not a problem

      – for the messaging, I think I’ve got an idea of the “why” it fails. Fact is I have some “folk(s)” that really really are motivated to hack this website so I took some measures, it may be the reason why.. I’ll dig to it later on.

      Wich now leaves to the main problem : why o why command line says you are on a MacPro3,1 rather than a MacPro1,1…

      alternatively, even if the MacPro3,1 should be accepted by default, you can also try to patch the key for both
      – the one the command says it is, and the default MacPro1,1.
      please note that (my) MacPro1,1 is Mac-F4208DC8 NOT Mac-F4208DC9 (ending 8 not ending 9)

      So here some question to understand the trouble :

      1) MacPro1,1 vs Macpro3,1
      This one is really really weird, I would “understand” a gap like 2.1 instead of 1,1 but 3,1 !?
      Also you have quite the same as me – MacPro1,1 / 7300 GT. let’s run some commands to see :

      This is the commands to get infos…. (see here but I copy paste again for ease) http://oemden.com/?p=774#comment-167

      ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id | sed ‘s/ \| \”board-id\”\ = \< \"//g' | sed 's/\"\>//g’
      ioreg -lp IOService | grep product-name | sed ‘s/ \| \”product-name\”\ = \< \"//g' | sed 's/\"\>//g’

      and if, because of html formatting in WP, copy paste fails, just run:

      ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id
      ioreg -lp IOService | grep product-name
      ioreg -lp IOService | grep model

      you can also just run

      ioreg -lp IOService > ~/Desktop/MacPro3,1or1,1.txt

      this will give you entire result, and you could email that to me oem at oemden dot com. (don’t post it on comments ! would be too big…)
      I then will try to figure out any infos that could be relevant to understand things.

      2) Now some questions :

      – Did you get it “brand new” or refurbished ?
      – Is it “standard” or “educational” MacPro ?
      — Sometimes Educational/refurbished Macs are a bit hybrid… (I’ve had troubles with bootcamp and one refurbished iMac)
      – What processor do you have (My MacPro1,1 has two 2.0 GHz – intel Xeon 5100) – just to try to get clues…

      – finally do you have another Mac at hand ? you could then use it to trick the install, then patch it.

      I’ll really like to understand this trick (I’m sure you too do more than me)

      • Avatar Chris says:

        I have the same issue Bill does regarding the “Current Computer has a 32bit firmware (EFI32) it is Unsupported it would need to get a patched key”. message.
        My 2.1 is reporting correctly though.
        Do i continue the SFOTT usb key creation and ignore this warning? or is there something i need to do first?
        Thanks for your work.

        • oem oem says:

          Hello Chris,

          Sorry for the late reply
          I’ve had trouble with my Internet Box…

          The phrase is “just” a warning.. you can go on with the key creation.

  2. Avatar devmage says:

    Wow thanks so much for this! I tried a couple of times with this stuff to bring my MacPro 1,1 up with no success. Ran your tool once on my wife’s MacBook Air and I had my mac converted as easy as pie! Now I can last a little longer till I can afford a new MacPro :)

    • oem oem says:

      Hey devmage

      This is great !

      But could you give more details… I’m not sure I got what you did.

      – Running the script on a Macpro1,1 for the Macpro1,1 did not work (well the install I mean ?)
      – Did then create the key on a MBA and THEN used it for the MacPro1,1 or did you use the Key for the mBA itself.

      — the MacPro1,1 is currently under what System ? 10.6.x or 10.7.x ?
      — Same for the MBA, what System is it running ?
      — What installer version did you use ? 10.9 – 10.9.1 – 10.9.2 ?

      Would be super great if you gave those infos ?


  3. Avatar rop says:

    ca marche … Merci !

  4. Avatar DaFunks says:

    I have to say WoW outstanding job god bless you :)
    Installed it on my Mac Pro 2.1 quad core 3ghz for graphic card I have a pc version of an ATI 5870 and the whole process was flawless the installation was perfect no issues at all. At first I was skeptic because I had tried another method on mountain lion and it was a mess with kernel panics all over the place. Your version just like if you would install an oem version of the os plus my system is so stable it runs final cut x with no issues at all and compressor. I also installed a 3d party bluray player and my bluray drive worked without any issues. Your rock man again Thank you so much for all of your hard work. If only some one could figure out how to make a stable Hackintosh we would be set. Thanks bro ;)

  5. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi OEM.

    Thanks for writing up all the great suggestions. I think I might know why I have a system that says MacPro 3,1 instead of MacPro 1,1 (what it should say). I believe it was a trick I used to download Mavericks 10.92 from the App Store. Originally the App Store would not let me download Mavericks because I had MacPro 1,1, but I ran a program by Rastafabi called “Mavericks download enabler.zip.” I believe it might have changed what terminal and the app store thinks I have. This file was downloaded at:


    The good news was that it allowed me to download Mavericks, but maybe it made the change that says I have MacPro3,1. However, I wish I knew how to reset this so terminal reports the correct version (MacPro 1,1 – Mac-F4208DC8). It is weird because Terminal is the only part of my MacPro that thinks I have MacPro 3,1 – Mac-F42C88C8. I confirmed this by running those commands you suggested (ioreg -lp IOService | grep product-name and ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id). If I go to “About This Mac” and click “More Info”, it says I have MacPro 1,1. Anyway, I wish I could reverse what I did in Terminal. Would reinstalling Snow Leopard correct things that changed in Terminal or maybe you have an easier solution to correct or reverse this? I really think this might be messing up my Mavericks installation, but I could be wrong. Also, I tried running:

    ioreg -lp IOService > ~/Desktop/MacPro3,1or1,1.txt

    It does not produce any text to send you and I have tried typing it MacPro3,1.txt and MacPro1,1.txt.

    To answer the other questions you had:

    My MacPro 1,1 has (2) 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeons (4 cores total). It has 11 GB of RAM – Boot Rom Version MP31.006C.B05. It was bought brand new (not refurb) and it is a standard not educational. Also, I do have another Mac but it is an antique (lol). It is a PowerMac G3 (blue and white) running 10.3 (Panther). It runs surprisingly well for its age. Thanks again for all your advice.

  6. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi OEM.

    I was mistaken on one thing. I did get a txt report by typing:

    ioreg -lp IOService > ~/Desktop/MacPro3,1or1,1.txt

    I emailed this report to you at oem at oemden dot com. Thanks again for everything.

  7. Avatar Bill says:

    Thanks OEM.

    • oem oem says:

      OK bill,
      I’ll compare both IOreg outputs… it is really weird..
      I’ll dig on clover troubleshooting to see if I find infos on this.

      • Avatar Bill says:

        I know. That is really strange thing regarding my system. My computer works great too (just labeled wrong). I really wonder if that program by Rastafabi called “Mavericks download enabler.zip” (mentioned above) might have tagged my system to read MacPro 3,1. Do you think that might have done something or is there something else going on here that I am not seeing? I really appreciate any help or advice you can give me. Thanks again.

  8. Avatar Paul says:

    Hi there,

    Can anyone assist with iMessage and FaceTime no longer working after 10.9.2 update?

    I have used Tiamo’s boot efi in both locations and my PlatformSupport.plist has my board Id at the top along with MacPro2,1 in the supported model properties immediately before MacPro4,1

    Everything used to work seamlessly prior 10.9.2

    Any help or suggestions would be very gratefully received.

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Paul,

      This is a Recovery Partition trouble.

      either you had another System on another partition that had a recovery Partition – and you removed it (the Disk containing the System with a recovery Partition)
      Either 10.9.2 blow out your existing Recovery.
      I’d say that if you had no trouble BEFORE, then you had one Recovery somewhere before 10.9.x…
      Now knowing why it does not “work” now is another matter.

      The thing I cold suggest is to use a Recovery Partition script Utility or GUI Utility to recreate the Recovery Partition.

      I’ve said many Times I’m working on such Utility myself but I have notcode on it since some time. so I can’t give any date…

      Another hint I’ve got in the Comments was a Credit card info in the iCloud ID. once one entered info, all went back… you could check that too before messing with discs and recovery.

      • Avatar Paul says:

        Thank you for the fast response.

        The disk that Mavericks sits on does have a recovery partition, does this need the modified boot.efi as well??

        I wouldn’t have thought those services would check for a recovery partition??

        Mavericks is up and running on my mac and states 10.9.2. So I’m a little confused what the recovery partition has to do with it??

        Please excuse my ignorance.

        All I get is the infamous:

        Could not sign in to iMessage.

        An error occurred during activation. Try again.

        All other services using iCloud are working quite happily.

        • oem oem says:

          Hello Paul,

          considering what you’re saying have you a free iCloud account or a payed one ?

          • Avatar Paul says:

            It is a paid iCloud account.

            Interestingly If I reinstate the originally boot.efi and boot up on a mac eligible to run Mavericks the services both work. As soon as I changed the boot.efi and run on my MacPro 2,1 they don’t.

          • oem oem says:

            Hi Paul,

            Sorry for the late reply was busy…

            Maybe this is due to the Recovery Partition not having the Tiamo’s boot efi.
            I have to dig more on the Recovery partition as I said tons of time.
            And plan to work harder on my recovery Utility on May as I’ll have some time to do so.

  9. Avatar Bill says:

    Thanks OEM. I will try to zap the pram in my machine. I did not receive your emails. I checked my junk mail too. I don’t see anything. Could you resend those emails if they are still in your outbox or sent mail folder. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again.

    • oem oem says:

      Hi BIll,

      I may have mismatch bill ;)

      I’ll recheck my emails and send them back, but mostly I was writing lots of prose just to end on try to zap the PRAM ;)

      • Avatar Bill says:

        Hi OEM.

        I zapped the PRAM by holding Option + Command + P + R when starting up the MacPro. I did this twice so I know that I zapped it, but it did not help with our problem. In terminal, it still shows MacPro 3,1 and Mac-F42C88C8. We both know that is not the case because it should be MacPro 1,1. Also, thanks for trying to resend the emails but I have not received any of those yet. This computer came with special Mac OS Tiger disks. Do you think a clean install with these disks would correct things? I have been thinking about doing this. I have my Leopard and Snow Leopard disks too which I know will be needed as well. I may try to contact Rastafabi to find out what his Mavericks Download Enabler might have done to my machine too. Maybe there is a way to reverse what his program did. These are just ideas I have right now. If you have any other advice, that would be great too. Thanks again for all your suggestions.

        • oem oem says:

          Hi Bill,

          I did not sent you emails…
          but I was globally saying to zap the PRAM – which did not do it.

          So last thing I can think of is the kernel_cache.

          Considering you have a clone of existing system.
          You could do below commands.

          But first, I’ve to say that if you can install a fresh 10.6.x, (update it to 10.6.8 with all updates), and then trying the IOreg once again.
          Forget 10.4.x you won’t go very far… 10.6.x would be a starting point.

          you may not have to do all the update, and try directly to run the IOreg command as I don’t think Updates will change anything about the results of the command. (saving Time)

          OK, now the commands (in Terminal) to wipe the kernel_cache from existing System you have (saying you have a MacPro3,1 instead of MacPro1,1)

          Remove the caches:

          sudo rm -r /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches

          then, rebuild the cache

          sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions
          sudo kextcache -update-volume /

          you could (should) also repair permissions before rebooting.
          either with Disk Utility or from Terminal

          sudo diskutil repairPermissions /

          Note that as kernel_cache have been removed booting should take a bit longer so it is re-created.

          I’d say I would try to reset the cache and see it it “works”.
          If it still does not work, then I’d give a try with a Fresh 10.6.x install and see what are the results. I can’t imagine you’ll still be stated as MacPro3,1 after all that (but… hmm I don’t know)

          I also would remove all internal discs if possible except current System (when erasing the cache) and if installing Fresh 10.6.8.

          I can’t remenber in what order I did things but I do have removed all Lion System discs and had only one virgin drive/partition when I install the first time Mavericks with the Key to be sure It would not “touch/alter” the “production running offically Supported System”

          One last thing, when you runned Mavericks download Enabler, did you installed it, runned it to/from a USB Stick ? or on an Internal hard drive ?

          I don’t get what’s hapenning as I too did use MDE on a USB stick and have not this behavior you (and at least two others) have.

          Hope all this will give you results.

          • Avatar Bill says:

            Hello OEM.

            Well I have some good news to report today. After doing a clean install of my system and then upgrading everything to Lion, my system is reporting it’s correct versions – MacPro1,1 and Board ID of Mac-F4208DC8. So I am very happy about that. I think it was time to do a clean install anyway – I never have done this since I got it. I also discovered a few things along the way. My HD is almost full. This could the problem why Mavericks is not installing too (5GB left). I feel a bit embarrassed about that information (dumb on my part). I thought I had plenty of room on my HD, but I was surprised to realize I was wrong. Anyway, I have a much bigger HD that I am going to put my new Lion system on. After this, I am going to back everything up to Time Machine again. I love Time Machine and it has saved me a lot lately. After that, I will try doing your Mavericks set up again. Maybe I will have better luck this time. If not, I will just stay at Lion. I have come all the way from Leopard so that is not too bad. Thanks again for your help and suggestions. Not really sure why my system was reporting MacPro3,1 and Mac-F42C88C8. I am thinking it was the Mavericks Download Enabler by Rastafabi. I downloaded it from the web and just ran it immediately. I did not put it on a USB stick or install it any special way. I would not recommend this to anyone. I would recommend downloading Mavericks from someone else’s mac that is naturally enabled to do this. I will keep you posted once I try Mavericks again. Thanks again for everything.

  10. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi OEM.

    I finally have some good news to report. I did a clean install of operating system and worked my way to Lion. Everything is good and terminal now see my system correctly as MacPro1,1 and Mac-F4208DC8. It was time for a clean install and it fixed everything. I would not recommend the Mavericks Download Enabler from Rastafabi to people as I think this is what messed things up showing MacPro3,1. Originally, I downloaded that program and ran it immediately without putting it on a thumb drive or anything. The last time I wrote to you, I had Snow Leopard so I managed to make it Lion now. Maybe now that I have Lion and terminal see my machine correctly, your Mavericks set up will work. I think I would be happy with Mountain Lion too. Do you think my chances of success would be better with Mountain Lion or Mavericks?I am going to try one of these upgrades soon. Thanks again for all your help.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Bill,

      Your 2 last comments are good news.
      MDE will help to get the installer but it has to be installed on a USB stick (at least that’s what I did) and you appear to have installed it on your drives.
      Anyway now you have a correct infos showing Up.

      I did not have good success with Mountain Lion on the Macpro and did not go on as I focused on Mavericks. But I did succeed in installing ML on my Macmini2,1.
      If you have Lion up and running then I think you’re good to go with the key creation and get Mavericks on your MacPro.

      You can try to first make a Dummy key with the Dummy Option enbaled from the extra Menu so you’ll save time.
      Once in front of the Installation window from the booted dummy key then you’re good to reboot in Lion, update the dummy key to real key and go on with the Installation.

      Hope you’ll make it now.

      keep us posted.

  11. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi OEM.

    I did it. I have Mavericks installed on my MacPro1,1 now and everything works fine except for a few things. One, my old graphics card is jumpy. I was expecting this after reading about other people’s experiences with the stock GeForce 7300 GT. I installed a PC card that is a ATI Radeon HD 5870. I read somewhere that a PC card like this would work out of the box without flashing it, but I would not have the apple boot up. Well it is not working at all (just black screen). Any suggestions regarding this PC Video Card would be great. I would love to flash it so I have an apple boot menu, but can live without it too if necessary. The second issue is BOOTCAMP. I was able to install Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit) on BOOTCAMP, but it does not let me download or install the mac supported drivers within BOOTCAMP. I was able to download the BOOTCAMP support drivers from Apple’s website, but it will not let me install them within Windows 7. It says my machine does not support this installation. I tried BOOTCAMP 4 too and no luck. I know BOOTCAMP 3 works on my machine because I had XP installed and running fine within Snow Leopard a few months ago. So, any advice regarding BOOTCAMP 5 would be awesome too. I will say that Windows 7 does boot fine and work good without Bootcamp. I just cannot see all my mac drives like before. Maybe Bootcamp is not necessary since Windows 7 does show up on the boot menu when I start my machine. I only have one device that is missing a driver (probably apple hardware) but I do not know what it could be. My sound, internet, display and drives all work fine though. What do you suggest? Thanks again for everything. I think I am real close to finishing this project. Take care.

    • oem oem says:

      Hehe !

      That’s a good news :-D

      For the video card I’m not really the right guy to ask for it. Even me I’m a bit lost. I plan to get one but that’d be for a MacPro3,1 and I’ve much more hardware to get before that.

      Concerning Bootcamp as far as I know the very last is Windows8 only or if not it’ll be very very soon – (I’ve read that on hardmac I’d say).

      From my point of view bootcamp isn’t really helpful if your Windows is on a separate drive. Well I mean concerning hard drives partitioning and Windows Install …..
      Bootcamp Is really helpful with drivers, of course that’s the meaning point of bootcamp (at least for me) and making it show up on Startup Pref pane too!
      I personally much prefer to get windows on a VM, I found it much more stable and it can be moved at will. But I’m not a big Windows User at all.

      Anyway Enjoy your “New” MacPro.

  12. Avatar Kozzzie says:

    Hi OEM,

    I read a comment above saying this wont work on MP 2.1 is this correct?
    I have a 2006 MP upgraded to octo core 3ghz with 32gb ram and ssd with 2.1 firmware, am I able to install mavericks with this set up?


    • oem oem says:

      Hello Kozzzie,

      Some users had troubles, but most of them finally succeeded.
      My guess is you can go on as many have succeeded on such Macpro1,1 upgraded to MacPro2,1. ssd is not an Issue.

      Best recommendation however is to do a Fresh install of Mavericks and then transfer datas and settings etc.. Via Migration assistant.
      Also if you do try to update rather than create a fresh install Please be Sure to have a complete Backup of your System & datas.
      I also usually recommend to take out all ‘other’ Hard drives during install, and if all is fine then put them back again – to avoid any issue with datas.

      Many had to create a partition on an internal hard drive, as USB key didn’t work. Still don’t really know why but in most cases this solved the issue.
      I personnally didn’t have to do so and my ‘main’ USB stick worked out of the box – but I’ve had others that “died” as they didn’t supported all the wipes and creation I did when testing.

  13. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi OEM.

    I was able to flash my PC compatible ATI Radeon HD 5870 with a Mac ROM and Mavericks is working perfectly now on my MacPro1,1. I saved a lot of money using a PC card (woo hoo!). Netkas helped me do this. I definitely recommend his website for this stuff. I even got Bootcamp working good too, so I have Windows 7 Pro on here too. I am all good now. Thanks for all your help. I could not have done it without you. Take care and godspeed.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Bill

      Finally you got it !

      that’s Good news :)
      Thanks for reporting.

      I’ve wrote a script today to get rid of the “MDE Version1″ kext.
      it will basically delete the kext, rebuild the kextcache, repair permissions and reboot.

      I’ve not been able to reproduce the Macpro3,1 issue on the mini even if I did install the kext. As rastafabi stated it does not work anymore, that could be the reason or maybe it only worked on MacPros… Anyway Rastafabi send us to the new MDE “version2″, the one that I did use and to install on a USB stick.

      I’ll put the script as a standalone command to run before if any other have the MacPro3,1 issue you and others had.
      it will downloadable from here and I’ll also include it in the dmg of the next release I’m working on.

      Cheers and Enjoy your MacPro.

    • Avatar ttercine says:

      Hi Bill
      Could you please give me guidance on how to came about installing bootcamp successfully???

      You could try this to install the windows driver on unsupported Mac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKmXrjpogUs hope this helps you I used it before successfully

      • oem oem says:


        I can’t promise I’ll try but if I’ve got some time I’ll do it. I’m focusing on all I didn’t do yet for sfott, and there’s much.
        Maybe bill can answer you

        • Avatar ttercine says:

          It’ll be very appreciated if I could get this working since I have application like 3ds max that only work on PC. I figured out the way to make bootcamp have the option to create a windows boot usb but the usb created doesn’t show up at the boot screen or among the startup drives in the preference panel. I created a windows dvd but that too doesn’t boot up but does show up as startup disk in preference panel but not on screen…

          • oem oem says:

            Hi sorry for late reply I’ve been quite busy.
            As I told you by email today, I’ll ask “BIll” if he can give insights on how he did install and got bootcamp running”

  14. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi Everyone.

    Sorry for the delay. I have not checked with the SFOTT website for a while. I installed boot camp after getting all Mac stuff and Mavericks working on the MacPro 1,1. After getting Mavericks up and running, I just ran the “Boot Camp Assistant” with my Windows 7 disc in the drive. Boot Camp Assistant is in your Utilities folder of your Applications. I installed this on a separate internal hard drive in my mac. This drive was dedicated to Windows 7 Professional. I was only able to put a check mark in “Install Windows”. It would not let me install “windows support software”, so I left that check box unchecked (this is for installing drivers – you can do that later). Once the system restarts from the Windows disc, I remember having to format the disc to fat32 or something like that. It really wants NTFS but it was not an option that was available to me at this time. After formatting to Fat. I shut system down and pulled out this drive and hooked it up externally to a PC. This is where I formatted the drive once more (this time NTFS). Make sure to leave the name of the drive BOOTCAMP – like it originally was. Once it is done formatting, put it back in your mac and boot from the Windows 7 disc. It should install exactly like it was a PC. After installing Windows 7, run all the Windows updates that are available. This has been a while, but I believe I was able to download the “windows support software” later or I ran boot camp assistant again and I only checked “windows support software” and not “install windows”. This gave me extra drivers that were put on a thumb drive. I installed individual drivers until I had everything I needed. It seems to me that Windows found most of drivers. I think there was only one or two devices that need special drivers. Another cool application to check out is “MacDrive 9 Standard or Pro”. I installed this after all operating systems were working good by themselves. MacDrive is installed in the Windows environment and allows you to see (read and write to your mac drives within windows). This allowed me to use my music, pictures and work files from my mac in Windows 7. I hope that helps all of you understand what I did. Take care and good luck with your Boot Camp installs.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Bill

      YOU ROCK !! thanks a lot, I’ll put this in the How-to or make a dedicated post according to your feedback..

      Cheers and thank u very much to come by.


    • Avatar ttercine says:

      Thanks Bill
      I had tried your approach and even figured out how to format the drive to NTFS using disk utilities or bootCamp assistance but got no success because my problem is not the formatting but the problem is that I cannot boot into the windows disk after formatting or any boot install disk for that matter including any version of OS X all the way back to tiger – I cannot even boot into recovery mode – However I can boot into Tiamo OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks just fine and that’s the only operating system I’m allowed to boot into and it works great.
      I tried installing another copy of Tiamo EFI on a different drive and it let me – Weird one would say – I’m still not able to install windows unfortunately…
      Thanks for sharing though…

  15. Avatar Jim says:

    Has anyone had success with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 512 MB, installed in a Mac Pro (2,1)? I don’t know enough about video card compatibility to start this process.


  16. Avatar Pluggernaut says:

    Hi there,

    Been trying to download the SFOTT file for a couple of days and it just won’t make it across. File partially downloads then the connection gets choked and times out.

    Is there any other way of getting this file?


    • oem oem says:

      Hi did you finally download the file ??

      I know my website have been sucked by a #@$! website, month ago I took action against it but they still have the cache online.
      Be sure to get the file from my website : http://oemden.com

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