Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)

Yosemite / Mavericks / Mountain Lion on Unsupported Mac

This page is dedicated to Sfott,

this “little” piece of code I did to automate the creation of USB key with the boot.efi from Tiamo’s of MacRumors.

This script aims to prepare a USB or disc media for Unsupported 32bit based Macs that are not eligibles for Mavericks or Mountain Lion.

Cette page est dédié à Sfott,

Ce “petit” bout de code pour automatiser la création d’une clé USB avec le boot.efi de Tiamo’s de chez MacRumors.

Ce script a pour but de préparer une clé USB ou un disque dur pour certains Macs non supportés 32bit et qui ne sont pas éligibles à Mavericks ou Mountain Lion.

10.10 : SFOTT Yosemite pre-release is out

Take a look at here to download it

10.9.5: Update

If you download the Update via AppStore from 10.9.2 and/or 10.9.3: working out of the box.

No Need to repatch for most ( but some had to repatch )

If you download the Combo from Apple website or via Appstore.

you’ll have to follow the 10.9.2 procedure to repatch the boot.efi

10.9.5: Mise à Jour

Si la MàJ est téléchargée via l’App Store depuis une 10.9.2 et/ou 10.9.3, elle se déroule sans problème .

Pas besoin de repatcher.

Si vous téléchargez la Màj Combo depuis le site Apple ou Appstore,

Vous devrez donc suivre la procédure de la 10.9.2

Here, you’ll always find the latest release. Ici, vous trouverez toujours la dernière version.

Current version is v1.4.4 Click here for a How-to (En)

To update and get 10.9.2 up and running See here for details

La version actuelle est v1.4.4 Cliquez ici pour une petite aide (Fr)

Pour faire fonctionner et mettre à jour en 10.9.2 lisez bien ici pour les détails

Go to the Download page to get SFOTT

Aller sur la page de téléchargements pour obtenir SFOTT


It contains an installer pkg that will put the Applescript app (and the shell script bundle in it) in the /Applications/Utilities.
L’image disque contient un installeur qui mettra une application Applescript (et le script shell avec) dans /Applications/Utilitaires.

This wouldn’t be possible without Tiamo’s work in the first place /
Rien ne serait possible sans le travail de Tiamo’s au départ.
Please read the read me | Lisez l’Aide

Back online…. some news


Hello guys, I’ve been really busy in my new job and personnal life since last year. I’ll try to answer hundreds of pending comments concerning Sfott. Please Note that I do not have any hardware to test SFOTT since a

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SFOTT download issues


Hi all, Downloads have reached a huge rate from 25k to 100K+ in less than a month… Holly S…. Website then had serious issues with downloading for about a month, Ticket has been made and I’ve asked my provider to investigate

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Je suis Charlie

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SFOTT | YOSEMITE beta release

EDIT 20141118 : Update runs fine from AppStore with 10.10.1 seeded today. I am very very very late at coding Sfott, I have focused on Yosemite Server for my job lately. I’ll do my best to go further and at

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SFOTT | YOSEMITE : success


Thanks to macrumors great people, I too, succeeded to install YOSEMITE (on my MacMini2,1) I do not have anymore MacPro1,1 at hand to test on it. But if a MacMini2,1 takes it, no worries Macpro1,1 & 2,1 will do has

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10.9.5 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)


10.9.5 Update runs smooth. No need to repatch the System once done, like for the previous 10.9.3 / 10.9.4 I’ve just downloaded and installed the 10.9.5 Update on my Guinea MacMini2,1 with no hassle. Note I do not have access

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SFOTT | Successful reported installs with Tiamo’s boot.efi and SFOTT script.


Successful reported installs with Tiamo’s boot.efi (and SFOTT script). PLEASE NOTE : Getting it to be installed is ONE thing. Having a usable system is another thing. For some machines it may be not worth it, to loose wifi, audio

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SFOTT | Comments replies


Dear All, Just a word to tell you, I’m very late in answering comments and emails lately. I’ll answer them all. Major Changes in my professional life are occurring. Please accept my apologies, and note that I’m still working on

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10.9.4 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)


10.9.4 Update runs smooth. No need to repatch the System once done, like for the previous 10.9.3 I’ve just downloaded and installed the 10.9.4 Update on my Guinea MacMini2,1 with no hassle. This Update still installs in two steps :

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SFOTT | 10K downloads


Thank you all ! Today, 10K downloads have been reached for SFOTT. I hope all of you enjoy as I do. Thank you Tiamo for your great job. N.B. : Currently editing code to test with YOSEMITE… stay tuned. Merci

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108 comments on “Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)
  1. Avatar Bill says:

    Hi, Just installed mavericks and updated with the patch, excellent!

    As sound is not possible, is it possible to add a us sound card to hear music/videos etc?

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Avatar Clayton Belseck says:

    Successfully have Yosemite 10.10 installed using SFOTT Yosemite-beta. No luck with install of Yosemite 10.10.4 combo update and re-patch and no luck with the incremental update for 10.10.4 from Apples website. Cannot load SFOTT from terminal, during installation screen (Selecting utilities then terminal and entering “sfott”). But everything else runs great.

    Mac Pro (2006 1,1) Developer Edition
    12GB RAM
    Intel Xeon 2GHz 5130×2
    ATI Radeon ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
    Sandisk 240GB SSD Main
    1TB Seagate 7200 64MB
    Apple Pro Keyboard
    USB Gaming Mouse
    HP LV2311 23″ Monitor

  3. Avatar Toni says:

    Hi there,
    thank you so much for all the information and available downloads on your page.
    Thanks your guidance I successfully did an update to 10.10.5 on my Mac Pro 1.1 (2 x 2.66 Quadcore).
    It also run windows 10 now on a second hard disk.
    An open issue is that the temperature under Windows is higher due to the fact that there is no software to deal with the fanspeed manually (like FanControl under OS X).
    Anyhow, thank you!
    Cheers Toni

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