Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)

Yosemite / Mavericks / Mountain Lion on Unsupported Mac

This page is dedicated to Sfott,

this “little” piece of code I did to automate the creation of USB key with the boot.efi from Tiamo’s of MacRumors.

This script aims to prepare a USB or disc media for Unsupported 32bit based Macs that are not eligibles for Mavericks or Mountain Lion.

Cette page est dédié à Sfott,

Ce “petit” bout de code pour automatiser la création d’une clé USB avec le boot.efi de Tiamo’s de chez MacRumors.

Ce script a pour but de préparer une clé USB ou un disque dur pour certains Macs non supportés 32bit et qui ne sont pas éligibles à Mavericks ou Mountain Lion.

10.10 : SFOTT Yosemite pre-release is out

Take a look at here to download it

10.9.5: Update

If you download the Update via AppStore from 10.9.2 and/or 10.9.3: working out of the box.

No Need to repatch for most ( but some had to repatch )

If you download the Combo from Apple website or via Appstore.

you’ll have to follow the 10.9.2 procedure to repatch the boot.efi

10.9.5: Mise à Jour

Si la MàJ est téléchargée via l’App Store depuis une 10.9.2 et/ou 10.9.3, elle se déroule sans problème .

Pas besoin de repatcher.

Si vous téléchargez la Màj Combo depuis le site Apple ou Appstore,

Vous devrez donc suivre la procédure de la 10.9.2

Here, you’ll always find the latest release. Ici, vous trouverez toujours la dernière version.

Current version is v1.4.4 Click here for a How-to (En)

To update and get 10.9.2 up and running See here for details

La version actuelle est v1.4.4 Cliquez ici pour une petite aide (Fr)

Pour faire fonctionner et mettre à jour en 10.9.2 lisez bien ici pour les détails

Go to the Download page to get SFOTT

Aller sur la page de téléchargements pour obtenir SFOTT


It contains an installer pkg that will put the Applescript app (and the shell script bundle in it) in the /Applications/Utilities.
L’image disque contient un installeur qui mettra une application Applescript (et le script shell avec) dans /Applications/Utilitaires.

This wouldn’t be possible without Tiamo’s work in the first place /
Rien ne serait possible sans le travail de Tiamo’s au départ.
Please read the read me | Lisez l’Aide

Back online…. some news


Hello guys, I’ve been really busy in my new job and personnal life since last year. I’ll try to answer hundreds of pending comments concerning Sfott. Please Note that I do not have any hardware to test SFOTT since a

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SFOTT download issues


Hi all, Downloads have reached a huge rate from 25k to 100K+ in less than a month… Holly S…. Website then had serious issues with downloading for about a month, Ticket has been made and I’ve asked my provider to investigate

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Je suis Charlie

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SFOTT | YOSEMITE beta release

EDIT 20141118 : Update runs fine from AppStore with 10.10.1 seeded today. I am very very very late at coding Sfott, I have focused on Yosemite Server for my job lately. I’ll do my best to go further and at

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SFOTT | YOSEMITE : success


Thanks to macrumors great people, I too, succeeded to install YOSEMITE (on my MacMini2,1) I do not have anymore MacPro1,1 at hand to test on it. But if a MacMini2,1 takes it, no worries Macpro1,1 & 2,1 will do has

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10.9.5 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)


10.9.5 Update runs smooth. No need to repatch the System once done, like for the previous 10.9.3 / 10.9.4 I’ve just downloaded and installed the 10.9.5 Update on my Guinea MacMini2,1 with no hassle. Note I do not have access

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SFOTT | Successful reported installs with Tiamo’s boot.efi and SFOTT script.


Successful reported installs with Tiamo’s boot.efi (and SFOTT script). PLEASE NOTE : Getting it to be installed is ONE thing. Having a usable system is another thing. For some machines it may be not worth it, to loose wifi, audio

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SFOTT | Comments replies


Dear All, Just a word to tell you, I’m very late in answering comments and emails lately. I’ll answer them all. Major Changes in my professional life are occurring. Please accept my apologies, and note that I’m still working on

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10.9.4 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)


10.9.4 Update runs smooth. No need to repatch the System once done, like for the previous 10.9.3 I’ve just downloaded and installed the 10.9.4 Update on my Guinea MacMini2,1 with no hassle. This Update still installs in two steps :

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SFOTT | 10K downloads


Thank you all ! Today, 10K downloads have been reached for SFOTT. I hope all of you enjoy as I do. Thank you Tiamo for your great job. N.B. : Currently editing code to test with YOSEMITE… stay tuned. Merci

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108 comments on “Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)
  1. Avatar Maarten says:

    Sorry, but your Sfott.pkg does not work. I think it’s because we hav a dutch system and do not have a folder ‘Utilities’ but ‘Hulpprogramma’s’. Because double clicking on the .pkg file does nothing at all. Can you help me out?

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Maarten,

      This is strange as all is localised in the Apple System.
      but I have to check for that.
      When system is in French for example I still have to go to /Applications/Utilities in Terminal (but I have not logged out as a note)
      And in any case, frenchies have not reported trouble even though the FOlder’s name is Utilitaires and not Utilities ;)

      Also I “touch” the “/Applications/Utilities/.Localized” file /to Utilities folder wich is meant to do the job.

      I’ll have to try out with a loggout and I’ll try it out with dutch.
      What system are you on ?

      Also pardon the question but is it dutch like Nederlands ? or German so I’m sure and I’ll do some tests.

      I’m going to dig on that.

      An alternative – because well tonigh I won’t code much :) could be that you test with English language.
      log out and log back in, and see if it installs. If not then that’s another problem for sure.

  2. Avatar Michael says:

    Hello, and thank you for your hard work to help make things easier for us non-techies.

    Unfortunately the script does not seem to work for me. If I use auto-run or go through all the steps manually, my key has only the Applications folder on it — no Installer files or anything else. I discovered that a lot of things are being deleted at step 10, Make it Look Good. So I tried going through the steps manually and skipping #10. Then I get a key that looks like it has everything it should, but it is not bootable. And when I launch the Installer app on that key, it starts up, but it can’t get past the “checking with Apple” stage. (Error is something like “can’t get any files for your machine”.)

    I’ve double- and triple-checked and I think I’m following the instructions exactly. Each step in the script seems to complete successfully; there are no error messages. I’m using a 16GB USB key, I have a freshly-downloaded Install Mavericks app in my Applications folder, and I’m installing on the target Mac (1,1). I used drag-and-drop into Terminal to give the correct path to the Installer app, and I double-checked the path. I’ve also tried making the key on a different Mac and entering the board ID etc. manually, but I always get the same result.

    Do you have any guesses what I could be doing wrong? (There was one part of your English How-To that wasn’t quite clear to me: I am supposed to make sure that there are _no_ OS X Installer disks mounted, correct?)

    Thank you, and sorry my French isn’t good enough to use, even though I live in Canada!

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Michael, sorry for the delay,

      Tabernacle ! you should speak French :) LOL

      Well first,

      Don’t worry making the key look good is OK. it just hides stuff, it does not delete them !

      Even if the drag and drop should work fine, you’d better use the the 1) option choose from the /Applications folder if your installer is there. but I don’t think the error comes from here.

      Now, even if I do have trouble – well failure – to get Mountain Lion on the MacPro1,1 I’ve had success with the Mavericks Install. I’ve done it twice to this day.

      I’ve just answered another comment in which I’m saying I’m going to add option to choose either verbose or graphic boot.efi from Tiamo, and another option to add verbose boot. It may help to see where are the errors.

      Also I’m not sure I understood well, do you atually do boot from the key ? you must not double click the installer from the key but actaully boot from the key, I realise this not clear and I’ll add this subtility in the How-to.

      Anyway if you do not boot from the key and double clic the installer, you’ll have trouble as it won’t fully use the patches, or even won’t use them at all.

      • Avatar Joao Oliveira says:

        Moi non plus, je n’arrive pas. J’ai essayé avec un disque USB 80go, avec une clé USB 8go, avec une partition du disque 40go. Pour le démarrage j’arrive à voir dans la liste le disque SFOTT, mais à peine je le choisis, l’ordinateur bloque un peu e après il démarre du Lion. J’ai un MacBook 4,1.

  3. Avatar icngacsn says:


    When attempting this manually I got stuck at “Still waiting for root device”. Then I saw what you had done and I abandoned the manual approach and used 64/32. Unfortunately now I get stuck with the apple logo and a spinner. I’m assuming that’s because you are using the graphic version of Tiamo’s efi and I’m stuck in the same place. Any ideas?


    • oem oem says:


      As I have a failure when attempting to install Mountain Lion on the MacPro1,1 (either 10.8.5 – 10.8.4) – but it installs fine on the MacMini2.1 (with 10.8.5). I’ve tried with Verbose Boot-efi version.

      I’ll release new option this week end to choose between the Tiamo’s graphic or verbose boot.efi and another one to activate -v boot verbose on the key.

      For the MAcPro1,1 and Mountain Lion and for those that will read, I’m stalling at Ethernet then the screen goes off, and the computer reboots. No Problem at all with Mavericks. I’ll make a specific post on this later on.

      So, stay tuned this new options (graphic or verbose boot.efi – and verbose boot) should not take long, but I won’t be able to make them during the day today but rather tonight or tomorrow.

  4. Avatar Eddie says:

    Hey thanks just realised that this exist. I want to try and install 10.9 on MacPro 1,1. Your download page is not working. Any chance of it working soon.

    Thanks again for hard work.



    • oem oem says:

      ooppps… my bad. it is ok now.

      • Avatar Eddie says:

        Thanks a mil :)

        • Avatar Eddie says:

          Thanks it worked like a charm. I had to upgrade stock nvidia 7300GT it was really glitchy, I had some older 440GT PC card plugged it in and after messing with dual display configuration all works smooth as a butter.

          Can OS be updated through App Store?

          Thanks again.

          Big ups

          • oem oem says:

            Hello Eddie,

            great you got it.

            yes you should be able to update without problems from there.
            note : you won’t be able to download theFull installer, but System updates will do fine.

  5. Avatar Eduardo says:

    Hello. I need some help with 10.8.5 of the fitting is perfect on 2.2 MBP kext change graphics and sound and all well excepting imensajes and facetime not get them to work I could help me on this. Thanks

    • oem oem says:

      ¡ Hola Eduardo !

      por imensajes and facetime se necessita la Recovery Partition.
      Estoy trabajendo sobre este también… estoy un poco atrás mi agenda.

      si no puedes esperar encontraras direcciones on MacRumors para la linea de codificado.
      se encontra tambien algunas aplicaciónes en Applescript que podran ayudar te.

      perdona mi español :)
      mocho tiempo que no lo practico.

  6. Avatar Dominic Smith says:

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to say thank you for making this. Really impressive, really helpful.
    Thanks again, Dom

  7. Avatar Eduardo says:

    Hola Oem.
    Antes que nada darte las gracias por tu trabajo.
    Lo de la Recovery Partition ya la hice con un Applescript que encontré “Recovery Partition Creator 3.5″ pero tampoco tube suerte de todas formas muchas gracias.

  8. Avatar TJ says:

    I followed the steps correctly from Timao and when I boot from the thumb drive it gets hung up at the debugging screen. Every minute I get a message saying “Still waiting for root devices”. I believe this has to do with the USB ports. I was sure what to do so I downloaded your script to make the bootable drive. After the drive was setup, I reboot from it and it hangs up again. This time with the Apple logo with a spinning wheel underneath. I believe this is the same cause, the only difference is I believe the script you wrote (which is awesome btw) just shows the apple splash screen instead of the debugging info/screen. Both ways I have tried to boot from seem to get the same result. After I select the bootable drive the light on my thumbdrive blinks for a few seconds and then stops blinking during the “Still waiting for root devices” or Apple splash screen with spinning wheel. I have a Mac Pro 2,1 with 16gb ram, HD4870, 2x 3.xxghz quad xeon Intel, and 500gb hd.

    Please help!!


    • Avatar TJ says:

      Oh, I am also currently on OS X 10.7.5 trying to install mavericks

    • oem oem says:

      Hey TJ

      As I just said to Jeff in another comment reply, Can you try with a Firewire partition on an external drive or on a partition on internal drive?

      I’ve got some USB sticks that were of poor quality and that died after making many tests (that’s why I did the dummy option – to go fast in testing)
      I also have got this pb when attempting to install Mountain Lion on a macpro1,1 after : Booting the key stopped working and the computer rebooted. Note I did not had the trouble with Mavericks on the same Machine with the same hardware setup.
      Most of Mac Pro 2,1 are known to be more easy to install than the Macpro1,1.

      I would try to use a firewire drive or partition to avoid USB a see what it gives.

  9. Avatar Jack says:

    Thank you OEM for creating and posting the 1.4.2 update. I had patched the 10.9.2 update the hard way and in the process generated some weird kernel text on the monitor for a few seconds whenever I shut down. I had also updated my firmware from mac pro 1,1 to 2.1 after upgrading the CPUs, so I thought I would try updating my USB key with your new program and a fresh 10.9.2 installation software that I downloaded on my wife’s Mac Air. Following your instructions carefully to implement just the patch and not a complete installation, it worked perfectly. Now I do not get that strange text when I shut down and it is booting up faster. I appreciate all the hard work you put into helping us keep our Mac Pro 1,1 and 2,1 machines up to date!

  10. Avatar Leo says:

    Got a MacPro1,1 2x3ghz Intel Dual-Core with 16GB of Ram currently running OS 10.7.5. My video card is an ATI Radeon HD 5770 w 1024MB. I really need Mavericks installed. I’m willing to take on this project. My question is will any downloaded version of Mavericks from a qualifying Mac due or does it specifically have be downloaded from the App Store from the Mac Pro to be upgraded? If so will I require some sort of “Mavericks download enabler” in order to fool the App store into thinking I am a qualifying Mac? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Leo,

      You can go on.
      I always say to get the installer from the AppStore. basically MDE is mostly for those having “only one” computer at hand.
      if you have a way to get it “properly” from an other mac of yours go on.

      To say it in two words, no the Installer doesn’t have to be downloaded FROM the target computer.

      So what you can do is :
      – download the installer from your qualified Mac.
      decide from which computer to run the script.

      • If from your target Mac :
      – either boot that Mac in Target mode and connect it to your Target Mac
      — or
      – Connect via file sharing from your Target Mac to your qualified Mac to get the /Applications folder shared.
      – Launch the script following the How-to (target USB key, target system blabla…)
      – reboot on it and install.

      • If from the qualified Mac :

      – Launch the script following the How-to (target USB key, target system blabla…)
      — Note : you’ll have to enter manually the board-id and Model (launch the script on the Target Computer to get that info….)
      – reboot the Target Mac from the USB Stick plugged in and install.

      •• If your installer is below 10.9.2 then on Update you’ll have to Repatch the System with the script.
      If your installer is 10.9.2 then “no worries”

  11. Avatar Leo says:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll do my best and keep you posted…

  12. Avatar Ludovit Tatos says:

    Thanks a lot for the script to install Mavericks on my Mac Pro 1.1. I also did upgraded to Mavericks 10.9.2 and re-patched as
    instructions said and it works great.
    Everything is working except Sleep/Hibarnation, but that doesn’t bothers me.
    System specs: Mac Pro 1.1 (2006) 2×2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon, 12 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB.

    thanks again


  13. Avatar David says:


    I successfully created a stick with OSX 10.9.0 back then. Thank you so much for your tool it works perfect.

    I now wanted to make a new stick with the recent 10.9.2 Version of OSX and installed your version 1.4.3.

    When I choose the installer I get the following notification:

    “Error…. Installer does not match”

    Could you help me out on that?

    Many thanks!

    Best regards,


    • oem oem says:

      Hi David,

      Sorry for the Late reply, I may have missed a loop.

      Have you finally got it ?
      So far I’ve tried and made a key, with the 10.9.2 Installer and didn’t encounter such error.

      Could you give me more details ?

  14. Avatar Leo says:

    Hey. OEM.. Hope you’re well…

    My qualified Mac is a MacBook with no FireWire ports, so “TDM” is not an option. Is it as simple as dropping the Mavericks Installer in the Applications folder of the MacPro 1,1 I want to upgrade and follow your instructions on how to create the Target USB key? Or connect the MacPro 1,1 to the Mavericks Macbook via File Sharing and construct the Target USB key from the MacBook?

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Leo,

      Sorry for the late reply,

      Well simplest would be to copy the Installer in your MacPro1,1 and run the script from the MacPro1,1.
      if you have trouble with a USB Key I’ve made a post with some tips on troubleshooting and talk about using an Internal disc/partition.

      Also you should use a guineapig disc with a fresh install first, and keep a Lion System at hand, just in case.
      You should be good to go, as many have succeeded thanks to Tiamo’s boot and the script.

  15. Avatar Yaron KS says:


    i have macbookpro A11501,1 1GB ati x1600 256mb
    15.4-inch: 2.0GHz (MA464LL/A)
    boot from sfott usb, the apple logo remain halted

    any one ?


    • oem oem says:

      Hello Yaron,

      I afraid you won’t succeed as you have a Core duo. You need at least Core 2 Duo with 64 bits capabilities.
      you can dig a bit on forums to be sure of what I’m stating as I have not dug on other machines than MacPros and my MacMini.
      My guinea mini is the first model equiped with core 2 duo, that’s why I had success on it – not speaking of video cards performances or no wifi….

      Sorry to give you such a bad news (but you have to check by your side as I can’t 100% assure you I’m right on this)

  16. Avatar Karl Eifrig says:

    I have a MacPro 2,1 currently running 10.7.5, and while I’ve been successful in running SFOTT and creating a USB stick, I can’t get it to be available to boot from. I tried creating a 10GB partition on my current boot drive and running SFOTT to create the patch on that drive, but again, I can’t get it to show up as bootable. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
    I have a few screen shots from Disk Utility I can send you if it would help any of this make more sense.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello karl,

      What do you mean by “I can’t get it to show up as bootable” ?
      Do you mean you try to see it from the System Preferences / Startup Pref pane ?
      I’ll check my key but it should show up (yeah I know “it should show up” is not the answer you’re waiting for)

      Have you tried to start with the alt/option key pressed at boot?

      on my MacPro1,1 I’ve (sometimes) had to change the USBkey into the rear Panel… as in the front is would not show up. this mostly happened – if I’m not saying wrong stuff – when I used an external Hard Drive (PATA) in an enclosure. note it was the internal Hard Drive I took out so I can also test the System on my guinea Mac Mini….

      You can of course send me some screenshot so I may be more help…
      oem [at] oemden dot com

      • Avatar Karl says:

        I have tried both from the System Preferences panel and by holding alt/option during restart. Either of these two ways has the same result – only one drive is available to choose to boot from. I first tried the rear USB port, and when that didn’t work, I tried making the partition on the drive I normally boot from.
        I’ll email you screenshots when I’m back at home.

        • oem oem says:

          Ok I’ll take a look at those.
          this is weird indeed.

          • Avatar Karl Eifrig says:

            Did you ever get the screen shots I sent? I can try again if you didn’t.

          • oem oem says:

            Hello Karl,

            I may have miss something here.

            I’ve looked at my emails, I moved your email and now it ASCII and no more screenshot. WTF mail !?

            please send them back – I’m sorry.

            — When you said can’t get it to show as bootable :

            – was it from the Startup Preferences pane ?
            if yes then that’s “normal” I’ve found out the way to do so but still need some coding.

            – was it at boot when pressing the alt key to get the “Startup Manager” ?
            I sometimes had trouble too with some USB sticks, but well, you say you even tried on internal partition….

            I don’t remember who in comments said so, but he had to try 3 times to get “it” show up and boot from the Key….

            I’ll look at your screenshot anyway.

      • Avatar ttercine says:

        Hi bro
        Thanks for standing up to Apple business practices by creating this tools that worked fine to help me install OS X Mavericks on my mac pro1,1
        My question is about BootCamp cause Sfott Mavericks doesnot seem to want to allow me to install bootcamp. I previously had it and after removing and trying to reinstall it just wont work. It does not even list the windows 7 or 8 dvd or usb drive I created as a startup drive when I restart and press the alt/option key. In Mavericks preferences I can see the dvd listed as a startup drive but not when I restart and press the option/alt key. When I go through Bootcamp it still doestn’t boot in the windows dvd or usb startup disk. Please I would really appreciate any help to solve this issue.

        • oem oem says:

          Hello ttercine,

          I’ve not tried bootcamp at all.

          but at least Bill reported success in the comments here and here

          I don’t see why this would be in relation with Tiamo’s boot.efi.
          Best advice would be to have a dedicated drive for bootcamp so you don’t mess with the Main Mac Os X System (considering we’re hacking it with Tiamo’s boot.efi).

          When I was playing with bootcamp (before going to VM) I quite never used bootcamp finally. I always chooses a dedicated HD to do so, and formatted it from the windows installer itself.
          I simply choosed to boot on the Windows DVD either from startup preferences pane or by pressing alt/option at boot – which I understand does not work for you.

          Stupid question here but are you sure you drive/DVD/USB stick is “correct”. have you been able to boot from it from a “real” PC ?

          And normally bootcamp should only be needed to get Windows drivers once it is installed, and then have the bootcamp utility to finally choose to reboot in Mac Os.

          Considering the startup drive for windows you should consider GPT (Master boot record) when formatting it from Disk Utility.

          • Avatar ttercine says:

            Thanks OEM for your reply
            I clicked on the links you provided in your reply but all I could see was that they were able to successfully get Bootcamp tyo work but no details on how they got it done.

            I would appreciate it if anyone could help with with some directions on how to get bootcamp to work properly with 64 on 32

  17. Avatar roney says:

    Any news on 10.9.3. yet? Does it overwrite the EFI? I figured since the betas have been made more openly available, somebody may have tried already.

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Roney,

      Well, I can’t tell you yet. i did not downloaded the beta(s). All my discs are quite used (or dead). I may try before official release but that’s not sure.
      If I do so of course I’ll tell it here. Maybe this week-end I’ll check for spare drives.

  18. Avatar Daniel says:

    I tried to get my MacMini (Mid 2007) to mavericks with the SFOTT. I created a USB-Ke and tried to boot from it. But after choosing the USB-Key at the boot menu the system seems to boot for a few seconds, but then it shuts down completely. Any hints?



    • oem oem says:

      Hello Daniel,

      Does USB key has a led ? if so it helps to see if it shuts down. I had the trouble on my tests with the MacPro1,1 with some USB keys they would not work. I can’t tell if it linked to any power issue or else, but I’ve succeeded with other new USB keys when other USB keys failed. Maybe a real partition/disk could save you.

      What model have you (what is reported by the script ?) I’ve succeeded on a Macmini2,1.

  19. Avatar ttercine says:

    Hi OEM
    I have been trying so many different options trying to get my bootcamp windows 8.1 or any version reinstalled with no success and I just came to the realization that the problem might not be with bootcamp itself but with the changes made in Terminal by Tiamo EFI. Even when
    – I try to boot from a DVD or USB installer it doesn’t let me.
    – I try taking out the Mavericks drive and boot the mac pro1,1 from its original installer it wouldn’t let me either
    – I tried booting from different versions of windows OS and mac OS X and it wouldn’t let me.
    – However Mavericks itself seems to be working just fine or at least as far as I can tell.
    – Maybe I should have installed Maverick on a second partition or drive just so I could be able to fall back, not sure if that could have helped.
    – Prior to installing Mavericks I had BootCamp windows 8.1 working just fine and after installing Tiamo’s EFI it continued for a bit then BootCamp windows 8.1 started to crash and stopped booting all together. In safe mode I restored then refreshed and even reset it to its initial setting and it still wouldn’t work so I went for a clean instal since I uninstalled it I have not able to boot to Windows DVD/USB installer or any other installer including any versions of Mac OS X.
    – I think it might have something to do with Tiamo EFI SCRIPT in Terminal. Is there a way to fix it or remove the whole Tiamo script from my computer even if I have to go back to an earlier version since now I’m pretty much stocked I can’t even boot into recovery to access Utilities.

    Thanks for your help.

    • oem oem says:

      Hey ttercine,

      I don’t understand what is happening but here some infos.

      — Tiamo’s boot.efi is “only” a file, meaning I don’t see why it would / could influence booting from any DVD or external disc or USB keys of what so ever system (like Linux windows or others Mac Os)
      — sfott script doesn’t alter in any way the installer but only plist files (adding your computer to the list if you prefer) and put the Tiamo boot.efi instead of the original boot.efi.

      Here is what I’d do in your weird case :

      Take out all disc(s) if possible.
      Only put a Mac Os X System and try to boot from it. I’d use a Lion or 10.6.8 for testing as it is a supported System version.

      Considering you do not risk to damage your datas (as you have taken out the discs) if you still can’t boot, zap the PRAM/NVRAM. Note it will reste some settingss/preferences but at that point thats’ not a big issue.

      There is no reason at all that the fact you installed Mavericks with Tiamo’s boot.efi (either via the sfott script or any other method) would prevent you to boot from an other system.
      Of course all is computer here and I may be wrong and you may be the exception,
      but on the MacPro1,1 I used to test and on the MacMini2,1 I can boot on 10.6.8 – 10.7 10.7.4 – 10.8(only suceceded on the Mini for ML) – 10.9.

      I’ll search, the email of Bill and ask him if he’d be kind enough to explain how he did it for bootcamp. but you do have another trouble that for me is not connected to Mavericks nor windows.

      you should at least be able to boot from a system like W7 or a Live Linux.

      DO you at least have a video feedback of some sort ?

      • Avatar ttercine says:

        Thanks for the suggestions, I tried all of the above and still nothing now I’m considering hardware by that I mean the graphic card but the thing with that is everything works just fine with Tiamo boot EFI. The whole thing is driving me NUT…

        Edith T.

    • Avatar Robert Williams says:

      I got windull 8.1 to install on my Mac Pro 1,1 by using bootcamp and having a windows 7 DVD in the drive. Then let boot camp reboot, just as the power switch goes of momentarily as it is rebooting I hit the power button to turn off the computer. Use a paper clip to eject the DVD and replace with Windows 8.1 64 bit DVD. Then as it sets up I use the Format Drive option. I don’t recall if I deleted the partition first or just formatted but you can easily try formatting first. I got it to work with all features. For some reason any time I try to watch a flash web site the computer completely freezes like back in the 80’s and 90’s. I dont know if this is a typical Adobe Trash ( I mean Flash) or something to do with Windows 8.1 and this computer.
      Good Luck

  20. Avatar VI says:

    Will this make Mavericks run on an MacbookAir1,1 (Original)?

    • oem oem says:

      Hi VI,

      I’m afraid not.
      Still, don’t take this for 100% sure and MacRumors may be your best option to get info.
      I do have to make a list of known working and non-working hardware…

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