SFOTT | version 1.4.4

Added Missing binary curl

As spotted in a comment, curl binary wasn’t included in the copy when creating the key. It is now.

Rajout de curl

Comme indiqué dans un commentaire, le bianire curl n’etait pas inclus dans la copie pdt la création de la clé. C’est maintenant le cas.

get the download here – download ici

MD5: 62b30dae54b320b83ae11456fa4b67a1


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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13 comments on “SFOTT | version 1.4.4
  1. Avatar Chris Trojan says:

    I finally got mavericks installed. used internal drive to make key. had trouble getting computer to boot from it, but on 3rd attempt, it just did.
    I have mac pro1,1 with apple ati 5770 graphics card – still lots of life.
    Thanks for the help

    • oem oem says:

      good news Chris !

      Was worried for your setup…

      for others reading this, internal drive/partition has saved a lot of people getting boot trouble with USB keys.

      • Avatar Chris Trojan says:

        Before installing on internal drive, I tried several times to boot from USB – with different ports, to no avail. and it took several tries to boot from internal disk – there was no way to configure this in System Preferences>Startup Disk – disk with key did not show as option. it just eventually booted into installer and I don’t understand why. But Mavericks is running and I’m very happy. My advice to other – be persistent.
        Thanks again for all the hard work!

  2. Avatar gb says:

    Hi I downloaded and installed SFOTT and everything seems to work fine, but I get asked for multiple password on log in. It just doesn’t boot right to Maverick. Did I do something wrong on the install?
    Other than that I love this product. It brought my Mac back to life!!!

    • oem oem says:


      Don’t get your trouble ?

      Did you succeed installing Mavericks ? and then are you asked for passwords ?
      Eventually send me scrennshot or pics, as I don’t get what is going on.

      The script does not ask for any password but yours, once, when launching it via the launcher ( as it must be runned with sudo). never again.

      I think I have to make an MD5 for downloads…. Have you downloaded SFoTT from here ?

      And please precise your Mac Model too!

    • Avatar Will says:

      This is a normal Mac OS X issue. My 2008 iMac (which is officially supported by Apple) does the same thing I have no clue why.

      • oem oem says:

        Hi I wouldn’t say it is “normal” behaviour at all…

        I’m not sure I understand the trouble as it appears… multiple logins when ?

  3. Avatar Velé says:

    Un Grand Merci pour votre script qui fonctionne très bien. J’ai bien installé Marvicks sur mon Mac pro rev1 avec la 10.9.1 et tout va très bien.
    Malheureusement j’ai rendu la clé usb qui m’a servi mais je peux toujours redémarrer sur mon ancienne version 10.7.
    J’ai bien compris il faut faire la maj 10.9.3 et ensuite réinstaller le fichier boot.efi aux 2 endroits différent. ?
    Le problème pour moi j’ai un fichier qui est cadenassé et ne veut pas être remplacé…
    Pouvez-vous SVP m’aider
    Merci encore pour votre patience

    • oem oem says:

      Bonjour Velé,

      Si vous avez toujours un 10.7 sous la main alors ça devrait ne pas poser trop de problème.

      Il faudra juste suivre la procédure pour la mise à jour 10.9.2, (ici http://oemden.com/?p=791) le script s’occupera de tout.

      En gros, installez la dernière version de SFOTT sur Lion.
      — bootez sur Mavericks, faites la MàJ 10.9.3.
      — laissez rebooter, et avoir l’erreur (suivre la page http://oemden.com/?p=791)
      — rebooter sur Lion, lancer SFOTT
      — repatcher le système
      — rebooter sur Mavericks, laisser la suite de l’install se dérouler.
      — c’est bon.

      Faites un Backup/Clone avant du Système Mavericks au cas ou. Comme à chaque (grosse) MàJ.

  4. Avatar Velé says:

    Bonjour OEM et merci beaucoup pour le coup de main ça fonctionne impeccable
    Encore Merci

  5. Avatar Nat says:

    Hi i am curently stuck on the part of the installer of the Sfott v1.4.4 where it says
    [copying Packages Directory – Please wait… ]
    [|] removing Packages symlink
    [-] Copying Packages Directory from InstallESD to New Key
    and it has been on this for about 15 minutes now what should i do ? any help would be great as i having been looking for a guide to install mavericks on my macbook

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