SFOTT | version 1.4.3 Spotlight return

Spotlight should now work as normal.

Removed a bit of code that was creating an invisible file of the Re-patch process, preventing Spotlight to index the System.

**Included a double clic-able script (.command) to re-enable Spotlight for those that used SFOTT 1.4.2.

Spotlight devrait retourner à la normale.

Retrait d’un bout de code qui créait un fichier invisible empéchant Spotlight de fonctionner sur le disque Système.

**Inclus, un fichier .Command double-cliquable pour réactiver Spotlight pour ceux qui ont re-Patché leur Système avec la version précédente 10.9.2.

get the download here – download ici


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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8 comments on “SFOTT | version 1.4.3 Spotlight return
  1. Avatar Terry says:

    It doesn’t work for me.got stuck in gray apple icon.stupid chrysanthemum was rotating.I don’t know why.

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Terry,

      I you want me to help (or try to help)
      please just give more details
      what Mac ?
      did you do the autorun or step by step….
      are you stcuk on the key boot or after install ?

      • Avatar Terry says:

        Hi OemDen,
        My Mac pro is 2006(1,1).8gb,7300gt.Mac-F4208DC8
        I created key by autorun mode.10.9.2
        Get stuck at boot screen(Gray apple icon ).

        • oem oem says:

          Hi Terry I’ll try to recreate a Key today with 10.9.2 installer. I’ve got to download it first…
          I’ll keep informed

  2. Avatar Mac User says:

    Hello, I’m back to report that i got iMessage fixed!!! i was on several forums the other day reading some information and the fix was to add a Valid Credit Card to the account as soon as i added a credit card BAM! Please pass on this information to others having issues with iMessage Activation. The question is why does iMessage need a credit card to function right?

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