SFOTT | troubleshooting

In case you encounter some troubles here are some reported Tips from my experience or feedback on comments :

BACKUP first
If you’ve read the comments you know I’m paranoid. just backup your system and even better just buy a cheap HDD if don’t have one to test first.
trust me it worth it unless your current setup, datas etc… doesn’t count for you.

failing to create the key

  • Be sure you’ve got a 8Gig USB stick at minimum.

Note that I do use a 2Gig USB Stick for my Dummy test in dummy mode – wich does create the Key without copying Packages.
Very fast and will let you know if you can proceed the install – aka if you reach the installer when booting from the patched key without messages (stating you can’t do it)
then go back to the script from your system and convert the dummy key to a real key. or if like me you used a 2Gig key, then restart the script and choose a 8Gig USB stick (or partition from any HDD)

failing to boot from the patched Key

  • Try to add an extensionUSB cable, Yes I know weird .
  • Change the USB slot for the key :
    Odly I’ve had some tests in which I had to plug the USB stick on the rear panel of the MacPro1,1, the Stick on the front Panel didn’t show up.
  • Change the USB Stick :
    I’ve put 3 USB keys (of poor quality) to the cemetery during my tests. Countless erase and rewrite of the Keys was too much for them.
    ( And that’s why I created the dummy option, now you know )
  • Use an Internal Disk/partition :
    Some users reported failure like : booting then – staled system and reboot or failing and going back to “standard” Os (like Lion or snow Leo).
    In most cases using an Internal Disk and/or Partition solved the problem.

Booting but Having a message you can NOT install on that particular machine

Tricky there.

  • NEW HINT if trouble shooting Mac unsupported : Disconnect from internet ! here
  • double check you’ve got correct board-id and Model, even more if you entered those by hand.
  • Maybe the script had error/failure when creating the key. you should use the auto run setup so you do stuff in order and automatically without missing a step.

at least two person reported the command gave them a MacPro3,1 infos instead of the MacPro1,1. haven’t got news nor final word on that so I don’t know….
UPDATE : this was a MDE (Mavericks Download Enabler Issue see below)

  • maybe you won’t make the install because of Graphic card in 32bit etc… even if the key worked til the installer screen. I couldn’t test that and didn’t dig more than that.

10.9.2 Update

  • This update changes the boot.efi – so you’ll HAVE TO repatch as explained here and just use (for example) the re-patch existing System from the script
  • Key creation from the 10.9.2 installer works with no need to repatch the system again.

10.9.3 – 10.9.4 Updates

  • if you did not had the 10.9.2 update yet and try to go from 10.9-10.9.1 to 10.9.2+ (aka 10.9.2 10.9.3 – 10.9.4) then you’ll have a combo update, THEN you’ll have to follow the 10.9.2 Update NOte that once you’ve done one of those 3 you wno’t have any troubles – for now at that time of writing
  • Key creation from the 10.9.2 installer works with no need to repatch the system again.

Spotlight Failure on System drive after 10.9.2 Update

  • My bad here. SFOTT 1.4.2 included a step it should have not had. Corrected on 10.4.3. I did post another “small script” to get Spotlight back on track.
    see here and here to download the script.

iMessage Not Working

  • 1st, you’ll mostly have to have a Recovery Partition
  • 2nd, “MacUser” reported on the comments here : http://oemden.com/?p=828#comment-300, that as soon as he entered a valid credit card iMessage was working.

Recovery Partition

  • to get a Recovery Partition, for now you’ll have to get other utilities.

I’ve been working on this and I’ve got the result expected but still didn’t finished the work to publish it yet. I’m late on that one.
You need Recovery Partition for iMessage of Filevault to work.

Sleeping not working

If you have a sleep issue.
Others have reported such an issue an not only with Tiamo’s tweak | This seems to be wider than just our tweaked Macs – aka if can also happen even on Supported Macs.

Finally maybe a solution: found here from patrick86′s comment n°1400445 on a french website and reported to solve the issue from ak, here

Getting the Hibernate sleep status mode and eventually changing it could help you out :

You can get your current sleep mode with this command:

pmset -g | grep hibernatemode

which you can modify it with this command:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode X

X being :
mode 0 : classical sleep mode with no RAM being saved
mode 1 : deep sleep mode after saving the RAM
mode 3 : classical sleep mode with RAM saved (take a bit longer), this is default behavior on laptops .
mode 5 et 7 : respectively mod

maybe on wired.com you can have some info :

Finally note that setting 3 did the job for ak

Graphics, Wifi

Well that’s a big question far beyond the scope of the script. Still I’ll make a post to report Success configs here.

  • Get a Valid supported Mac graphic card to get boot screen
  • Get a Flashed PC card (or patch it)

In any case I strongly suggest you keep the original graphic card at hand to troubleshoot if needed – and even better let it installed even if you don’t attach a screen. in case of trouble just plug your screen back on it to get something on the screen.

Same applies for Wifi – my Guinea MacMini2,1 just did fine but it has no wifi. As I don’t care (I tested without knowing it would work to get 10.9.x on it !) I didn’t go deeper.

Anyway, I focus on the script making the patched Key creation easier, and that’s quite a job (for me at least)

You can’t get the installer from the AppStore

Solution 1

Well so you only have one Mac at hand, yes this can happen to good people ;)

  • Get the installer from a Friend, co-worker, Familly (someone you do trust – I would avoid exotic downloads) and copy it to your computer, or create the key on the Mac on which the installer is, or connect

Solution 2

MDE – Mavericks Download enabler

  • Find and download Rastafabi MDE (Mavericks Download Enabler) from Macrumors.

Follow his instructions, then download the installer from the APPStore, then use the SFOTT script to go on Patched Key creation.
Very easy and effective. It does work and I tested it on both macpro1,1 and Macmini2,1.


Use the DMG version of MDE
rather than Kext – 1st version.

Those who have an Issue with their Macs reporting MacPro3,1 have used the first Kext Version of MDE.
I did use the second version with the DMG and cloned it to a small partition on a USB stick. I ‘ve had No issue at all as said just above.

Edit :

I’ve figured out the “trouble” if I may say, and think I can add a command to verify and resolve the issue. I’ll work on it.

Edit2 :

You can find more info here:

I will (may) add this to the script but for partition scheme and formatting it is a bit tricky as one must choose first if he wants MDE or not on the key. it implies many pre-checks, like total size available on the target key, etc… did not code much on it lately. but the Base is ready just have to code more adn figure how to include it nicely in the SFOTT script. (I know it’s hard for me to speak shortly)

If you have another Mavericks capable Mac at hand, either connect to it via filesharing, or copy the Installer on your computer, or plug your Capable Mavericks computer once you’ve got the installer and plug it in target mode to your computer to create the key. Don’t choose its System as target so double check what you choose for the Key creation.
If you’re not sure or don’t get what I’m talking about forget the target mode and stick to filesharing or copying the installer on your target Mac you’re making the key for.

Don’t forget all of this is doable thanks to Tiamo from Macrumors.

Thanks to his boot.efi magic trick we can use our Unsupported macs with an elegant Patch Method.
Chameleon and such are great for sure, They are really good for Hackintosh thats’ for sure, but I’ve never had the courage to get on those to put Mountain Lion on the Macpro1,1. Tiamo gave us a simpler way and gave me a good motivation to create this script as personnal challenge.

I also have to thank Rastafabi as he was the first to “validated” my work and “approve it”. Many thanks.
He also made the MDE trick, so you could download Mavericks directly from your unsupported Mac.
Please read above concerning MDE eventual issue and the Macpro3,1 reporting.

I also have to thanks Duncan McCracken from mondada as his SIC script enlightened me on scripting menus.
SIC is a marvelous tool and a great code.

I really Hope you’ll succeed giving your Mac a second Life with Mavericks.

  • Don’t hesitate to comment if you’ve got failure and I’ll try to help
  • Don’t hesitate to comment if you’ve got success ! please report your setup too so other have better infos.

I’ll update if I find any info relevant to tell

Frenchies, je fais une trad au plus vite.


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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118 comments on “SFOTT | troubleshooting
  1. Avatar rizibo says:

    I was able to boot up on sfott by removing my flashed graphics card. Thanks for giving new life to the machine!

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Rizibo,

      Thanx to report back, and sorry I did not help, but yep you figure it out. you need a “valid” card, at least to get the install run fine.
      And to be able to choose discs at boot screen with the boot manager.

      just a curiosity, did you once successful replace the graphic flashed video Card ?


      • Avatar rizibo says:

        Once I was able to install mavericks then I removed the 7300 and installed the flashed gtx 285 and it works great! I am able to run davinci resolve 11! I would like to install a second graphics card, nvidia gtx 780 and see if the two cards can play 4k footage in real time in davinci resolve.

        • oem oem says:

          Hi Rizibo !

          good news, thanks to report back.

          don’t hesitate to report too if Da Vinci Resolve did work with two cards !

  2. Avatar pau says:

    Mavericks 1.9.3 working in a MacBookPro2,2. But without sound, safari and dual monitor at the moment. As a graphic designer the most important for me it’s the second display, there’s anyway to upgrade this?
    Thanks a lot for this second life for my computer! Your work is amazing! And so sorry for my english.

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Pau,

      I’m not sure you’ll be able to go on.
      now it’s all kernel extensions issues and I can’t help for that, too many hardware to deal with. I “just” stick to the USB Stick creation.

      For Safari I’m not sure but I’d go for the video issue same as dual monitors. you Graphic card is not properly recognised, so again back to kext issue.
      same goes for the sound I think.

  3. Avatar Dee says:

    I’m stuck with spinning wheel at the apple logo after selecting sfott disk. Please help, Mac Pro 1,1

  4. Avatar Masahiro says:

    I have succeeded installing Mavericks 10.9 and upgrade to 10.9.5 successfully thanks to your software, however, every time when I use Apple Emigration Assistant to transfer my data from 10.7 drive, it fails to restart back to 10.9.5. (The computer starts with Vermose mode and hangs up.)
    Do you have any suggestions what to do? I am curious what are other people commentating about the file transfer after finishing the installation?
    I would appreciate if you could let me know.

    • oem oem says:

      I just replied to another comment, you figured out that the Settings where bugging you, so I’d forget those and keep on going to recreate those settings manually ( I know it can be a Pain)

  5. Avatar Masahiro says:

    Hi OEM,

    Thank you for letting me use your software and I installed Mavericks and also upgraded to 10.9.5 successfully.
    On problem I have is the file transfer from my 10.7 hard drive in my computer. I was successfully able to transfer Applications but when I tried My old setting and Network setting, the computer hanged at the start-up. Do you know what to do to solve the issue?


    • oem oem says:

      Hello Masahiro,

      Well nope I don’t know, but I’ve just replied to a comment with the same behaviour.
      Settings are like the Computer name or other “details” while annoying to remake it is not the biggest deal. So I’d rather skip this step and recreate preferences once Migration is complete.

  6. Avatar Dave says:

    So, I finally got the boot loader to boot. I used tdm on my macpro2,1 and my 07 supported imac. I did a time machine restore to my mp boot drive. Then, I restarted the mp with option held selected sfott and it asked to connect my keyboard and track pad. Then the language selection then said can’t install on this machine. Any idea?

    • oem oem says:

      you have the legendary usb issue many have.
      for keyboard use an extension cable preferably one from Apple.
      Next, i don’t get “tdm”.
      finally simply create the key from your MacPro (use the Supported iMac to get the installer but copy it to your Mac Pro)
      always keep a bootable drive for your MacPro. Why do you do a Time Machine restore, whit what System version ?

      I’m not following everything here.

  7. Avatar Hwidow says:

    Hello and thanks a lot. Your script helped to make this process flawless. I wanna add that I’ve had troubles booting from installer USB or HD before I chose verbose mode to see where the problem was. In the last verbose line I saw that boot stalls at PCIe check. I removed all my PCIe hardware (all except graphic card), and rebooted. It went smooth from then on. So if anyone have unsupported PCIe hardware installed in their Mac Pro (like I’ve had TC Powercore Express), its good to get it out before trying to boot from installer drive. Cheers!

  8. Avatar Ramaya says:

    Could anyone make an explanation of how to perform the steps bellow on SFOTT 1.4.4. This is to install Mavericks on a Macbook 4,1 with GPU 3100. I am not tech savvy myself to understand how to do this. Maybe some others are on the same boat. I would really appreciate any help.

    Credit for the post bellow to Donghoon Choi from “amolamola” blogspot:

    “Finally I installed mavericks 10.9.5 successfully with SFOTT 1.4.4

    Here is what I did.

    Patching key with SFOTT. My mavericks version was 10.9.1 at this time.

    Absolutely I did not use TIAMO EFI, I kept original EFI.

    The main point is PlatformSupport.plist file. I did not erase PlatformSupport.plist file. I just modified order of SupportedBoardIds and SupportedModelProperties.

    Normally, after patching key, my boardID and Model are added at the end of list of SupportedBoardIds and SupportedModelProperties in PlatformSupport.plist file. However, I putted my boardID(F22788
    A9) above F223BEC8, and Model name(MacBook4,1) just above MacBook5,1.

    Moreover I did the same thing at InstallableMachines.plist file.

    After this work, I could boot with USB Install Key and install.

    After installation, however, booting failed, so I rebooted with my USB install key again and executed terminal and I double checked the PlatformSupport.plist file on my installed hard drive. The file was restored, there was no my macbook4,1 information.

    I modified PlatformSupport.plist file of hard drive again like I did before installation, and reboot.

    Finally, my macbook 4,1 booted successfully.

    Update was success as well. Now it is 10.9.5.

    Xcode 6 also works well.

    My macbook has new life. ;-)”

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