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Dear All,

Just a word to tell you, I’m very late in answering comments and emails lately.
I’ll answer them all.

Major Changes in my professional life are occurring.

Please accept my apologies, and note that I’m still working on SFOTT.


Chers toutes et tous,

Un petit mot pour signaler que j’ai du retard sur les réponses aux commentaires et emails.
J’y répondrais comme à chaque fois.

Des changements significatifs se déroulent dans ma vie professionnelle.

Pardonnez ce retard, et notez que je travaille toujours sur SFOTT.



Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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8 comments on “SFOTT | Comments replies
  1. Avatar RALPH says:

    What is cause of USB maverick boot disc not booting up to maverick after properly going thru the terminal setup without any problem. Have other hard drive on old ma pro worked just fine . The name of USB drive changed to OS X something from Maverick?

    Any suggestions?

  2. Avatar Mauro says:

    per installare os x 10.9 in un vecchio Mac Pro 1.1

  3. Avatar jason says:

    hi please can a member of your team help me i installed sfott and mavericks with no problem but i went to the app store to update to 10.9.4 and thats when it all went wrong it installed but nothing to the display just says no signal and stays blank please can you guys help thanks

  4. Avatar LouHela says:

    Hey Oem
    Just a quick merci beaucoup to you and Tiamo for your great work.
    As a mac newbie it took me a loong time to figure out why things didn’t work for me at first. In the end, briefly, here’s what did it for me:
    I did a fresh install of 10.6.8 on my 1,1 MacPro – including installing Rosetta and then used Sfott to install 10.9.0. My USB stick didn’t work so I put the Sfott key on another physical hard drive with its own partition.
    Booted like a dream.
    The drinks are on me if we ever meet, guys. Thanks again.
    Btw, I also upgraded the cpu’s to 2 quad-core xeons and used the cheapest Geforce 210 graphics card, all off ebay for less than 60€. Runs like a dream.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello LouHela

      Super !
      good news thanks to report and give the budget too :)
      excellent merci beaucoup.

  5. Avatar Ken Spelke says:

    Hi everyone.

    Finally got around to upgrading my Mac Pro 1,1 from Mavericks to current production release of Yosemite. Created new Patch Key and everything worked perfectly (reminder – I already upgraded Graphics Board to NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB for the Mavericks OS upgrade earlier – works fine with Yosemite).

    After install, I did Yosemite OS update from Apple for latest release and that went fine – no issues or problems.

    Since it took a little while to remember the exact steps I used last time, I decided to take a few minutes to write down the procedure for creating and performing the patch / new OS install. Here it is for anyone who may find it helpful when upgrading to Yosemite on a Mac Pro, 1,1. MANY THANKS TO YOU for making this wonderful program available!


    1. Copy new Apple OS Installer into Mac HD Application Folder.

    2. Erase/Format USB Drive (Mac OS Extended format) – this drive will be used for the Patch Key.

    3. Set all required settings in SFOTT patch key control panel (SFOTT terminal program) – including name of new OS to be installed and location path to application folder where the OS installer is located.

    4. Create Patch Key on USB Drive.

    5. In Apple System Preferences, change Startup Drive to USB Drive and Restart Computer.

    6. Computer will reboot from the USB drive and automatically begin installing the new Apple Operating System (e.g., Yosemite).

    7. Assuming all goes well, that’s the whole procedure.

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