SFOTT | and the New year

Hello fellow Users of Unsupported Macs,

Just a last post in this 2013 year and some follow-up on the script.

New year eve is coming and new version is on the way.

If the night isn’t too crazy I’ll post a new release tomorrow for the first day of this upcoming new year.

As I said here and there upcoming features will be :

Check for Update:
— manually or by enabling auto Check when launching the script,
it then will be easier to know if a new version is online :).

Choose the Os Version:
— For now still Mavericks but all is in place for Mountain Lion – maybe Lion later on.

Choose the installer:
— the script will have 3 levels of search aka – in default /Applications Folder (fast),
or via embedded SystemProfiler tools and Ultimately search in all indexed Volumes with Spotlight (longer). this late option will also allow to search in networks shares if any available (I do have backups of Installs on my Server). drag and dropping an installer directly will also be possible.
So that way, the installer could be anywhere you’d like it to be.

Choose a System already installed to patch it again
— As we never know with our lovely Apple Co, there will be be a function to patch again a System in case an Update wipes out Tiamo’s boot.efi and patched .plist

Recovery partition
— This is really asked for. I’ve succeeded but not yet tested the efficiency. meaning I do have a recovery partition but have not tested the purpose of it: filevault or iMessage and such.

Plan is to propose several options like :
— Make a slim Recovery Partition: and get the Packages from the Sfott key plugged in so reinstall could be possible.
— Make a slim Recovery Partition: but with no Packages from the Sfott key plugged in. (but I don’t see the interest here)
— Make a Bigger Recovery Partition: The Recovery would be a Sfott Key in a way.

— This Recovery stuff has also made me make an option to verify and check Volumes and discs, wich can be useful to check and repair Volumes while booting from the Key.

Include rastafabi Maverick Download enabler
— AS I was suggesting it would be nice to include it on the script, Rastafabi gave me a Go for it, So I’ll make tests and change some stuff so that his dmg is cloned in another partition or as he suggest replace the EFI one (but this is new for me)

Propose to create USB installer for Supported Macs
— After all, Supported Macs may also be happy to get an installer.
using Apple script for Mavericks, or Base System clone for ML and Lion.

I’ll also evaluate to make a list of known “Unsupported Macs” that got success with Tiamo’s boot.efi and the key.

Last but not least
I want to say again that Tiamo’s work made this possible in the first place.
and 4-5 Terminal commands turned to be a script, that is as of now 2500 lines and counting.

I’m really enjoying this and even more knowing that it helped people out there.
So far 1000 downloads have been reached earlier today and I’m totally amazed.

Happy New Year to all, and enjoy your Unsupported Macs New Life ;)



Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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11 comments on “SFOTT | and the New year
  1. Avatar jamauai says:

    Works perfectly on my 2006 Mac Pro!!! (MacPro1,1) Wish I could post a screenshot lol. THANK YOU! (: You are my new best friend. Happy New Year!

  2. Avatar Raymond Wiker says:

    Works perfectly on my MacPro 1,1, too. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  3. Avatar Tim says:


    I tried making a USB key using SFOTT v1.2.9 on a MacPro 1,1, running 10.7.5, using an OS X 10.9.0 installer and as far as I can tell the process went smoothly and I got a key named SFOTT as a result. However, if I try to boot from the key the start-up procedure never goes past the grey Apple logo. (Also, since my USB key has an indicator light I can see that it loses power about 30 seconds after the grey Apple logo appears…)

    • Avatar Tim says:

      Well, I redid the procedure, and I noticed that when I eject the newly created key and reinsert it I get the following message:

      ‘You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can’t save changes to files on the disk. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can.’

      Is this normal?

      • oem oem says:

        Hello Tim,

        As I just said to Thomas on another comment, I (here too) would suspect your USB key, even more with the message you posted.
        ‘You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can’t save changes to files on the disk. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can.’ this is typically a failing device for sure.

        you may try to reformat from scratch the key then reapply Sfott script but I really think that your Key is dying.
        If I were you, I would try with another Key – or buy another one, Note I can not assure 100% that a new key will solve this.

        I will release ( today or tomorrow finally ) a big update in which there will be among others stuff the “Dummy Option” :

        It will create a Key but WON’T copy the gigs of PKgs only what needs to be patched (OSInstall.mpkg and .plist – for Mavericks). This Dummy Sfott Key will boot and go to the installer window.

        It won’t INSTALL obviously because we did NOT copy the Packages ….. but

        If you have that window (the installer) asking to continue then you know all is good and you can go back and make the scott key again with no dummy option this time.

        For me, I suspect the Key.

        • Avatar Tim says:

          Well, perhaps you are right about that. After failing twice with your script I reformatted the drive and tried making an install-key manually (following the guide from Rastafabi over on the MacRumors thread: http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=18456081&postcount=914).

          Using this procedure I could start up from the key and start the installation on a formatted empty external USB HDD (want to make sure WiFi and so on work before committing an install on my internal HDD), but after a while the installer stops and gives an error. I see quite a bit of different errors in the log files including failures to extract certain things from the OSInstall.mpkg and extraction I/O errors, so perhaps you are right that this particular USB key is not well loved by my computer… I guess I’ll try to get another one and retry your script when I have some spare time again. :)

          • oem oem says:

            I still suspect the key but Thomas here on a comment had somme issue with USB and tooking his airport card out solved it. maybe you could try that too if you have one.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      Well, the second attempt made a little progress in sofar that I now got to the spinner under the Apple logo, but it didn’t progress any further that that… After 20 minutes it was still spinning, so I gave up and restarted…

  4. Avatar lyoha says:

    MacBook Pro 2.2.
    ML 10.8.5 installed and all hardware features work fine. All grafick function were been enabled after apllaying patched X1600 kexts and openGL-openCL frameworks from macrumors thread about MLPF installation.

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