SFOTT | 10K downloads


Thank you all !

Today, 10K downloads have been reached for SFOTT.

I hope all of you enjoy as I do.

Thank you Tiamo for your great job.

N.B. : Currently editing code to test with YOSEMITE… stay tuned.

Merci à tous !

Aujourd’hui, 10K téléchargements ont été atteints pour SFOTT

J’espère que vous appréciez autant que moi.

merci à Tiamo pour son super boulot.

N.B. : En train d’éditer le code pour tester avec YOSEMITE… restez dans les parages.


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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5 comments on “SFOTT | 10K downloads
  1. Avatar piermario says:

    tank’s alot for your work she work fine on my old mac pro now i’ve mavericks installed and wait to test yosemite tank’s again

  2. Avatar ssyllec says:

    Merci pour ton excellent travail qui m’a permis de repousser l’utilisation de mon vieux Mac Pro! (vieux mais qui fonctionne toujours aussi bien!)
    Je suis impatient de pouvoir tester Yosemite.
    Bon courage et merci.

  3. Avatar shodzman says:

    Love your work, keep it up. It has kept my and other people’s Mac alive for a

    few more years.

    Hopefully SFOTT also works fine for YOSEMITE. I am looking forward to it.

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Shodzman,

      Many thanks.
      I surelly will try to go and make it work with YOSEMITE – sad news is I don’t have a MacPro1,1 at hand to test, only my guinea pig Macmini…
      But I’ll try to test on the MacPro1,1 (with is in my former job) if I pass by I may find an excuse :)

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