Sixty Four On Thirty Two (SFOTT)

Two three days ago I’ve seen a news on – aka telling us that a guy (Tiamo) on did a fantastic trick to allow booting for 32 bits Macs.

Well wait, you mean my MacPro1,1 could then have Mountain Lion or Mavericks ?.
So I went to read the thread, at first sounded too painfull, but then I saw that it was a bit of a pain to get it right.

Finally I decided go look a bit more on this.
I first tried to be smarter than other and played with shadows dmg and shadows in shadows and all went really fine, and it’s a good exercise for thin imaging. Except that the installer was telling, huh ! this install has been corrupted (a way to say tweaked) so this is a no go.
Bad news ! It took me some time to realise that the SHA1 / MD5 of the InstallESD.dmg was hidden somewhere and I couldn’t find it out. either in base 64. I found the BaseSystem one in a plist, but not the InstallESD.dmg one. And I was unsing the creatinstaller script from within the Application installer. The good News was that I did boot with Tiamo’s boot.efi only the installer was not Happy.

I then decided to go to the BaseSystem.dmg clone Method which finally is faster in a way.

It’s so great that I then decided to take a personnal challenge and go on coding a small piece of Software to automate all this, and even better patch an existing Key to add other computers.

I’ll keep posted


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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