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  • Mise à jour des traductions en français

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Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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14 comments on “SFOTT | – updating translations
  1. Avatar Mike says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on this!

    However it seems when I boot to the patched drive (an external usb) It still boots to my normal drive, however the SFOTT drive is shows in a finder window (I use the ‘on restart hold the option key and select SFOTT drive’ way to boot). When I click the “install OS X Mavericks.app” link in that finder it says “this is not a supported method of installing the operating system”

    Also during setup SFOTT says I’m on a Mac Pro 3,1 when its actually a Mac Pro 1,1. So I change it in the setup. Any idea whats wrong?

    Thanks for any advice on this.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Mike,

      It is indeed weird that it reports MacPro3,1 if you have a MacPro1,1 ?!!

      I’d say you should try this command line (copy paste)

      ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id | sed ‘s/ \| \”board-id\”\ = \< \"//g' | sed 's/\"\>//g’
      ioreg -lp IOService | grep product-name | sed ‘s/ \| \”product-name\”\ = \< \"//g' | sed 's/\"\>//g’

      and if because of html formatting in WP, copy paste fails just run:

      ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id
      ioreg -lp IOService | grep product-name

      you then will have the correct board-id and model and you’ll be able to enter it manually.

      Obviously you don’t boot with the USB Key at all, even if you choosed it at boot as you said.
      Running the installer from Finder won’t work.
      when booted you are directly in the installer screen. no finder.

      3) I’m not sure I get if your speak of USB key or USB drive….
      in any case some have had failures until they used partitions on internal harddrives to install the sfott patched “key”. A small partition of 8 gig will do.
      — If you’ve read a bit you’ve noticed I’m over paranoid with datas Backups, so first I consider you do have backup
      that being sayed, I’d remove any HDD to avoid mistakes. then if you use a HDD (the usb) I would take it out and put it inside the Macpro, then try to boot from that “SFOTT” partition.

      First things first : I don’t get why your MacPro1,1 is considered to be a MacPro3,1. try to run the above commands and give the result.
      did you buy this MacPro yourself ? any Processor upgrade or else this is really weird. and I would try to figure this out before continuing…

      • Avatar Mike says:


        Ok I get it to boot into the SFOTT drive but now it says “OS X can’t be installed on this computer” when it boots. I used the terminal commands you mentioned and used the info board and machine info from there.

        I apologize I was misinformed about my Mac Pro, it is a Mac Pro 3,1

  2. Avatar Steven Fransen says:

    Do not update to 10.9.2 as it will no longer boot. I now have to reformat and start over again. Damn.

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Steven

      Damned ! I have to go coding and add the patch again system I planned.
      I’m doing too many things.
      This I will work on this week-end and test with 10.9.2 on the mini.
      Not far from existing patch key again option so I should work it out.

      thanks for the Warning and sorry you have to do it again.

  3. Avatar Steven Fransen says:

    It works fine up to 10.9.1 do not apply today update.

  4. Avatar Steven Fransen says:

    Thanks for your support not sure why it is not working to install it back on my machine again. Still trying to get it back working again.

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Steven if your speaking of the 10.9.2 update well Apple played with us.
      just get the new version of the script it may help you.

      Note: I’ve not yet tested with the 10.9.2 installer, just with 10.9 – 10.9.1 System updated from AppStore for Now.
      I’ll try to create the Sfott key with 10.9.2 installer ASAP.

  5. Avatar John says:

    Just want to let everyone knows that replacing the boot.efi file in both directories (System/Library/CoreServices and usr/standalone/i386) using terminal as suggested fixed the problem! Wheewwww…. it did scare the hell out of me after the update to 10.9.2.

    By the way, is there a way to have a boot menu (like rEFIt) or an alternative perhaps? I tried rEFIt and it’s not working :o(

    I’m running Mavericks, Lion, and Windows 8 on MAC PRO 2006. Though I’m still working on Windows 8, it become unresponsive after I wake the system up from sleeping. Any advise here is also greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for all the hard work and giving another life for my old MACPRO1,1!

    • oem oem says:


      can’t help you much with rEFIt but I think Rastafabi from macrumors use it or another way to get similar function for his Mavericks download enabler….

      that I still have to include on this script…

  6. Avatar Shawn Goodin says:

    I’m confused.

    Are we supposed to be able to boot the newly-created USB drive that was created by SFOTT?

    On my Mac pro 1.1, it doesn’t seem to boot from the USB drive.

    When I boot to the older system and click on the Mavericks installer, I get the message “This is not a supported method of installing the operating system. Please run OS X Mavericks app that you downloaded from the App Store.”

    I created the USB install drive using 10.9.2. Am I screwed?


    • oem oem says:

      Hi Shawn,

      yes you have to boot from the USB key. Clicking directly (from your Desktop) on the Installer (either original one – or the one from the Key) won’t work. becaus eyou are booted from the original boot.efi and not the Tiamo’s one.

      I could try to dig a bit on tweaking an Installer, and actually I did first (with shadow file dmgs) but was a no go.
      best method – and quite only known is to boot from a patched system – aka the Key.

      For the USB Stick not booting, have you tried to change the USB port ? from front to rear for example.
      I’ve had a key that didn’t want to boot and another that didn’t show up (it was dying)

      All of those that have had this particular trouble have used an internal Partition instead of a USB Stick with success.
      I’d say you are in this case, I don’t have hardware details taht could explain such a behavior, My guinea Macpro has no Wifi for example, maybe this helped – I even think it has no bluetooth, but I can’t check right now.

      and if you have any PCI cards I would take them out for testing if possible.
      and remember to try taht on a spare disc until you got it working, you must keep a regular “10.7-10.6″ booting system.

      if you have a Firewire enclosure you could also give it a shot.
      I have not been “forced” to use internal drive to make the “key”, but I did use a PATA/IDE drive for the first tries

      Let me know if you can use an internal drive/or partition on an internal drive?

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