SFOTT | – graphic or verbose boot.efi


  • Choose graphic (default setting) or verbose Tiamo’s boot.efi — Settings Menu
  • Change (graphic or verbose) Tiamo’s boot.efi on existing key — Patch Menu


  • Choix entre le mode graphic (par défaut) ou verbose du boot.efi de Tiamo — Menu réglages
  • Changer le boot.efi (graphic or verbose) Tiamo’s boot.efi sur une clé existante — menu Patch

get the download here – download ici


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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14 comments on “SFOTT | – graphic or verbose boot.efi
  1. Avatar Marcus Kim says:

    Hey there,

    thanks for that very useful tool !!!! It worked perfectly for my Mac Pro 1.1 with an 2.1 Firmwareupgrade (Had to use a Harddisk, it did not woe with the usb Stick I had.). Have you any clue why it dos not work on my Macbook Air 1.1? I created an external USB Disk, wich i can launch on my Mac Pro, but it das not launch on the Macbook Air. I get the grey start screen with the Apple Logo, but then it just starts up from the internal disk.

    Thanks a Lot !!!

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Marcus,

      Great for the MacPro1,1 !
      For MBA1,1 I can’t be affirmative but if I’m correct it won’t work – it is due to video drivers I think.
      You have to dig on that.

  2. Avatar Dan Baron says:

    How do I download boot.efi for my MacPro 2,1? Thanks!

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Dan,

      Not sure I understand the purpose of the question.

      Tiamo’s boot.efi is (are) bundled in the Packages, and if for any reason it is not found it is downloaded from the source(s) of the Tiamo’s post from MacRumors forums.

      If you use the Sfott script you have them already. since last version you can choose the verbose Tiamo’s boot.efi if you like.
      Note that the graphic Tiamo’s boot.efi is the default choice so Choosing is not mandatory for the script to work.

      I don’t have the exact Taimo’s url at hand, but it is indicated when you run the script as I display it (the url).

  3. Avatar Joergen Lundman says:

    Installed on MacPro1,1 to Mavericks. USBStick would give “Still waiting for root device”, but used spare HDD with SFOTT to make installer, then installed on 2nd spare HDD. Thanks to you and Tiamo

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Joergen,

      Great to have one more “member”.

      I’ve noticed some have trouble with their USB sticks, when I’ve finished or accomplished more on the script I’ll see if I can dig on that, but this may be more than what I can do for now. and I did not had the pb either so I’ll have to get logs.

      question the spare HDD you did use, was it internal or external, and if so was plugged in USB or FireWire (400 or800)…


  4. Avatar Erwin mul says:

    Wonderful!!’ You have extended The Life span of my venerable Mac Pro 1.1 which despite substantial ram, processor and graphics upgrades apple elects to no longer support. You and tiamo jointly deserve a prize for sustainable computing. Where do I donate ;-)

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Erwin,

      Welcome to the club of Timao’s 32bit revival Macs :-D
      Thank you for reporting back here…

      Enjoy !

  5. Avatar Cheifers says:

    Silly question, where do i download boot.efi?

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Cheifers

      Whenn you’ve choosen the boot.efi “type” in the Settings, you can go to step by step and then choose download boot.efi.
      it will be in /tmp/sixtyfourorthirtytwo/ folder.

      Please note that if you’r willing to use the script you don’t have to matter.

      please also note that the best place to find the boot.efi are the originals posts of Tiamo on Macrumors, I don’t have the url at hand while writingg, but urls are in the header of the script Terminal’s window.

  6. Avatar Sam says:

    Kudos! My install of 9.1 went well with your first version. It appears that with each update of the OS Apple is placing a new full install version in the AppStore (at least here in the US and each has a different info number) so when I went to update to 9.2 I could not reboot after the update. Per your wonderful advice and my past practices I had a full backup and was able to restore… Do you think your new version will work with the full install OS 9.2 we have down loaded here in the states? If not will I have to use an earlier version of your software to create a new USB Key?

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Sam,

      Take a look here : http://oemden.com/?p=791
      update the key or
      if you have a clone you can bypass the key part and simply :
      choose which system you’ll update “you must have a bootable other than the one you’ll update” system

      update to 10.9.2 let it reboot and “fail” -> it will then boot in the clone 10.9.1… update the script to latest 10.4.3 and choose targetSystem to re-patch by choosing your 10.9.2 Volume. once done reboot and installation will finish.

      hope I’m clear but I’ve explained most in the above page


  7. Avatar Randy says:

    I have a Mac Pro 2,1 and I can’t get the usb to boot. I’ve made it twice and it shows up with all files (that I assume are correct) and it will not show up as a selection to boot in startup selection in system preferences or when I reboot holding option button. I have a Mac Pro 2,1 on Lion 10.7 with ATI 5770, not sure if that helps at all. I’ve already tried to make the usb Single GUID PART and fat32 in disk but both times it still didn’t work. The usb ends up as a Mac OS Extended (NOT journaled) file type when I’m done. Also, should I use graphic or verbose boot.efi? Could that have something to do with it?

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Randy,

      Don’t bother to try to partition the Key by yourself as procedure clones the Base System dmg and it is as is.
      So whatever you choose it will always end up as HFS not journaled.
      Also you should stick to GUID Part and avoid fat32.
      To be a bit more clear you CAN partition the key if you have a 16Gb for example – or if you use an Internal/External hard Drive.
      So you can make 2 partitions and use one of them for the Sfott Stick, it won’t touch the other(s) partition(s).

      Concerning the graphic or verbose it does not really matter. I usually prefer Graphic but Verbose may help when things are not playing fine and when debugging.

      Also note that it is “normal” behaviour that the final USB Stick does not shows up in the Startup Selection preferences pane – for now.
      I’ll add this in the next release which should arrive soon.

      Now if you don’t see it at boot time when holding the option-alt key, well I’ve had the issue some times.
      Changing to the front pane sometime helped and others did instead use a small partition on an internal disc when getting such trouble.
      I also suggest you use the autorun rather than the step by step – I may move this “step by step” as an Extra option so more people’d use auto run.

      Finally consider the extra option “Dummy”. that way you won’t waste time by copying all the pkgs until it is sure the key boots fine and the installer does not complain at all.
      once done simply use the convert Dummy Key to real Key and your good to go.

      Note that maybe your graphic card could be an issue. I DO HAVE to list what cards are working or not, I did not and don’t remember at the time of writing if yours can cause issues.
      here the best first place to dig is the Macrumors forum.

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