SFOTT | – big Update


This is a major improvement version with new options :
  • Possibility to choose an installer in any location including Network Shares
  • Possibility to choose the target System OS – Mavericks or Lion meaning:
    — Now works with Mountain Lion (beta here, did not test the Install but did test the dummy key see below)
  • New Auto Check Update option or manual check for Update
  • DummyKey Option (only copy patched stuff meaning no copy of all the Gigs of pkgs to test the key – if it boots and show the installer then all is good and you can convert it to real install key).
  • Option to convert the Dummy key to real key aka copy all Packages to be able to install
  • possibility to test and repair disks
  • some improvement on asr actions – aka breaks the script if cloning fails.
  • some fine tuning and infos display at screen
  • Preparing recovery and repatching of installed Systems
  • for the tech savvy geeks dummy option can be called with -d or simply in the Settings Menu


– details on all the new options in the How-To
— Recovery and repatching of installed Systems


Grosse améliorations pour cette nouvelle version :
  • Possibilité de choisir un installeur in any location including Network Shares
  • Possibilité de choisir la Version cible du système – Mavericks or Lion :
  • càd fonctionne avec Mountain Lion (attention beta toujours fonctionne en DummyKey cf ci desosus)
  • Nouvelle fontion pour vérifier les mises à jours (manuellent ou au démarrage du script)
  • DummyKey Option (c-à-d ne copie que les éléments à patcher – évite la copie des gigas de pkg pour tester la clé. vous pourrez booter sur la clé et si vous arrivez à l’écran d’installation alors vous n’aurez plus qu’à la convertir cf ci dessous.
  • Option pour convertir la Dummykey en vrai installer :
    c-à-d copie de tous les paquets d’installation cette fois-ci sans avoir à refaire la clé
  • Possibilité de tester et réparer les disques
  • Améliorations en cas d’erreur asr (clonage) – c-à-d stoppe le script si le clonage échoue.
  • amélioration et infos à l’écran.
  • Preparation pour recovery and repatch de systèmes existants
  • Pour les plus geeks, la dummy option peut-être appelée avec -d ou simplement via le menu réglages.

Note: Les traductions de toutes ces nouveautés ne sont pas nécessairement toutes achevées mais la plupart le sont.


– details sur les nouvelles options dans l’aide How-To
— Recovery et repatch de Systèmes installés

get the download here – download ici


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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8 comments on “SFOTT | – big Update
  1. Avatar mac pro 2,1 2006 says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work with the script, flawless for 10.9. Though, you might want to do some troubleshooting on the 10.8 version.

    Making the key and installation processes are seamless, though the initial reboot into 10.8 does not occur (my mac pro reboots at this point) after showing the initial gray screen with the apple logo and spinner. Issue with boot flags passed to tiamo`s boot.efi? I repaired permissions on the disk until there were no errors, still no success with booting into the OS.

    I used a small partition on my sata disk as the install key. I am using a 2006 Mac Pro 2×2.66Ghz into core with 16GB RAM. Again, no issues with making installation key or installing 10.8.

    Thanks again!

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for reporting.

      I have to admit that I did not check enough the Mountain Lion install and let the choice possible, I should have not.
      The Dummy key worked fine with ML but I did not went thru the install itself.

      I’m going to remove it for now until further checks.
      Or at least Warn that ML is alpha version.

      Also I did not understood your meaning :
      “I used a small partition on my sata disk as the install key. I am using a 2006 Mac Pro 2×2.66Ghz into core with 16GB RAM. Again, no issues with making installation key or installing 10.8.”

      Am I correct with this statement:
      — 10.8 installation fails if the installer “Sfott” is made on USB stick
      — 10.8 installation succeed if the installer “Sfott” is made on internal hard drive ?
      — 10.8 installation fails anyway ?

      Going right now to Warn if choosing ML and change the dmg.

      • Avatar mac pro 2,1 2006 says:

        I think you misinterpretted my statement. The installer works great, on both USB or on an internal sata partition. The issue is after the installer completes and reboots. It fails the to load the OS after the successful installation of 10.8.

        There aren’t any issues with the installer failing. Only the initial boot into 10.8 after the installer succeeds.

        Hope this is clearer.

        • oem oem says:


          Thanks for the precision
          I’ve just finished installing ML on my Macmini2,1 – with success.
          I had no issue at first boot. Don’t know if it’s because I’m used to press the alt key at first boot to choose the system (that is pre-selected)
          I quite always do that when I have more than one system even on standard Os installs, so maybe it helps I don’t know for sure.
          Anyway, thanks for coming back to clarify I’m now re-uploading version with ML choice :)

          cheers !

  2. Avatar mheyos says:

    i m french so forgive my English…

    Well i ve managed to finish the entire process , my usb key is ready, and i have patched my mac pro 1.1, but when i tryed to reeboot for the first time i couldnt find any “Volumes” neither my usb key with maverick or my previous install…

    only a flashing ? interogation point on grey screen… and i tried all the usual stuff to choose a HD but cant reach them…

    any idea to fix this ? thank you

    • oem oem says:

      Salut mheyos,

      désolé du trèèèèèès long délai, en pleine transition d’une nouvelle vie et les vacances…..
      Si tu n’as pas résolu ton pb depuis le temps, dis-moi et je tenterai d’aider


  3. Avatar Faton says:

    First of all happy new year and thank you for your genius software.
    Please helpme about this issue
    My MAC PRO is 1,1 OLDER it has a 256MB Video memory.I just installed the Yosemite but the MAC is running super super slow!!!!Is there any update to fix this bug fixes etc…..Or should I buy a 1GB video card

    thank you

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