SFOTT 1.2.9

Version 1.2.9

Resolved bug if User’s Home Directory was on alternate Volume which name contained spaces

version v1.2.9

Résolution de bogue dans le cas où le dossier Utilisateur se trouverait sur un Volume dont le nom contient des espaces

Merci à MACanudo pour avoir découvert (subi :) ) le bug

get the download here – download ici


Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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26 comments on “SFOTT 1.2.9
  1. Avatar Aung Myat says:

    Thank you very much for developing. I try to install mavericks my mp 2.1, almost over one month. I find your program and install guide, “one morning and wow working everything”. Now work 10.9.1 and thank you again…thank you.

  2. I’ve followed your instructions and tried to boot my Mac Pro 1,1 only to find myself stuck on the loading spinner. Did I miss something or what?

    – Model: Mac Pro 1,1
    – Current OS: 10.7.5
    – Installing OS: 10.9
    – Ram: 5 GB
    – Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
    – Board-ID: Mac-F4208DC8

    • oem oem says:

      Thomas, please give some more info like :
      stuck where when booting the key? or when booting the new system?

      Note I’ve mixed your two comments into one

      • Stuck booting the key. It loads up showing the apple but seconds later shows the loading spinner and never fully loads. Is there a way to run it in Verbose mode to see what it’s getting hung up on? Also I did remove my DVD drive, all HDD’s and my External eSATA extension to see if it would help but has not. Kinda stuck where to go with this. I even tried changing the Model to 2,1 and back to 1,1 (Keys where made again to fit these) but nothing.

  3. Sorry about that I could not edit the message so I’ll continue it in a comment.

    – Ram: 5 GB
    – Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
    – Board-ID: Mac-F4208DC8

  4. Avatar Richard says:

    Bravo, le script fonctionne à merveille.

    Mais, j’ai un problème avec l’installation de Mavericks. Lorsque je démarre l”installation, il refuse l’installation parce que le Mac Pro n’est pas supporté et impossible de faire l’installation sans être connecter à Internet.

    Mac Pro 1,1
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB
    8 Go Mémoire vive
    Installation à partir d’un disque USB

    Je manque surement une étape.

    merci de m’éclairer

    • Avatar Richard says:

      Finalement, redémarrer sans le câble réseau et l’installation a démarré :)

      Maintenant, me débrouiller pour transférer cette installation sur un drive fusion.

      Bravo pour votre excellent travail


    • Avatar Richard says:

      Complètement dans le champs. Démarrage sur mauvaise partition.

    • oem oem says:


      MacPro1,1 sans espace !

      mais bon je devine avec les autres commentaires que vous vous en êtes sorti.
      Je n’ai cependant (de mémoire) pas eu besoin de débrancher le cable réseau, mais ça m’arrive, je vérifierai à l’occasion.

  5. Was successful at getting into Verbose Mode. Here’s you a screenshot http://i39.tinypic.com/5vrh95.jpg

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Thomas,

      you obviously have a pb with an USB device.
      (see last 2 lines of your screenshots)
      — Edit you have 2 problems with your USB devices.

      So Either it is the USB key or any other stuff plugged in (typically a Special Mouse or a UPS)

      I would suggest (before changing the usb key) to unplug any USB device you have – I know you did, didn’t you?.

      First get only the keyboard I would even unplug the mouse as you can choose the boot device from the keyboard at boot.

      Try to swipe USB ports used. (like use the front one if you did use the back ones).

      I here more suspect the “Hardware” than “software”.

      I often have this message when booting in verbose mode some Servers with UPS plugged in via USB or USB KVM switches.
      Note that it usually don’t block the boot process but it screams when doing an fsck for example.

      Else, when it does, it is very often a failing Hard Drive. I recently had trouble on a PATA device on a PowerMacG5 (yeah a 10 years PMG5 up and running 24/7 – still).

      You could also boot from your “Normal” current System in Verbose mode too with your stick plugged in.
      If you see the same message then I really would suspect that the key or Keyboard or mouse is the culprit.

      For example USB port on back of the MacPro(3,1) is 0xfd00000

      Note that it also says it’s waiting for root device.
      I cannot say if it is the System here or “the not responding” devices on USB port (2 and 5) or both like waiting for the system on the root device which happens to be the booted Key.

      • Bingo!!! Turned out it was my airport card. Everything went smooth after removing it. It’s installing now so crossing fingers. :D

        • Ok so everything went fine and got it working but now facing a issue with getting my wireless to work. I expected there to be issues but even after installing the IO80211 Kext with Kext Utility 2.5.6 it won’t show under network settings. When I reboot and it’s plugged in the Keyboard freeze up. Did I missing something?

          • oem oem says:

            Hello Thomas,

            Glad it finally worked out.

          • oem oem says:

            I won’t be much help after the Install is done, as there is too many stuff involved. I concentrate on making the script so that it is easy to get the Install done with Tiamo’s bott.efi.

            Best I could suggest is to ask on MacRumors forums for anything concerning kext and so.
            Maybe your airport card as a pb, actually I do test installation on a MacPro1,1 and MacMini2,1 but don’t go much further they’re guineapigs for the script.
            The macMini2,1 indeed has no airport under Mavericks so When the script will be “more advanced” with all features I plan to have, I’ll go deeper on Kext.

            After another week-end of coding and testing I’m close to publish a new version, finally.
            next will be Recovery and get Rastafabi’s Maverick Download enabler.

  6. Avatar Ben says:

    I Just wanted to ask before I start the setup, would my system work? I have MacPro 2,1 with 6 GB of Ram and a ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512MB Video card.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Ben,

      Apart from the video card for which as time of writing I don’t know if it will do, (please check comments to see working configs) all should be fine for you. MacPro2,1 are known to go easier than MacPro1,1 with this Tiamo’s boot.efi trick and the Sfott Key

  7. Avatar zak says:

    Hi everybody,

    I need some help please.
    I have successfully installed Mavericks on my aging Mac Pro 1.1
    I have installed 10.9.2, however I do not understand the blog where people are explaining how to upgrade the system to 10.9.4

    Essentially I do not understand the installation process.
    Do I simply instal the update via apple software updater, people are talking about generating a key. Do they mean that the update needs to be put onto a USB key with new softkey generated. If this is the case can someone tell me how this is done please.

  8. Avatar Jay from Cali says:

    Might be in uncharted territory here: I am on a Mac Pro 1 1 , and had a x1900 for graphics. I got the mavericks installer from my laptop on Mavericks. And then……
    Mac upgrade
    Installed ssd
    Formatted from my existing 10.6.8
    Shutdown, unplugged hdd (10.6.8)and installed snow leopard (10.4) from disc
    Installed hd 7950 3gb graphics card, flashed pc model from eBay
    Installed 10.6.8 updates (yes I could see boot screen and desktop)
    Ran 64 on 32 utility with mavericks installer from eligible mavericks computer.
    Installed mavericks
    Ran migration utility for apps and settings
    Here’s what’s weird, I’m on 10.9.4! With no updates installed yet.
    Gotta hunt for graphics kexts and sound, but so far, I’m stoked! Thank you for the effort, I’ve been waiting a long time to upgrade this thing. You made my birthday. Lol! … Siriously!

    • oem oem says:

      Hey Jay !

      If I understand well the new word I just learned….
      I’m stoked you’re stoked :)


  9. Avatar Dave says:

    I can’t get anything to happen on a MBA original :-/

  10. Avatar Bogdan says:

    Im very frustrated right now.I really can’t install mavericks on my MAC PRO 1.1 with 2.1 efi upgraded 3.0 ghz processors.

    I created SFoTT key on an external drive but it can’t boot.It gets stuck on Apple Logo with a very “BOLD” spinning wheel.I enabled verbose mode still i get only after some loadings with the prompter.

    I installed Mavericks on the internal drive of MAC PRO in disk mode using Macbook Pro.After that i copied the boot.efi from Tiamo to the locations described…The same Apple Logo and in verbose mode the same command prompt.

    I then booted in Lion and with the SFoTT script i patched the Mavericks partition ..The same.

    I dont understand what is going on.

    Two weeks ago i had a disk with Mavericks installed and it worked great with my Geforce 7300 (not accelerated) but i deleted the partition because it was useless for my 4890 Radeon.

    Now i got a 7850 Radeon and i want to install Mavericks again to enable the Card but I’m not able to.Last couple of days i think i installed and created a lot of thumb drives and partitions with no positive results.

    Please help me.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Bogdan,

      Strange indeed.
      Have you tried to first install with original graphic Card (7300) ?

      Also you could zap the NVRAM (PRAM if you’re an old apple user) ?

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