munki | munkiWebAdmin preflights and postflight scripts

Enabling munki client to report to munkiwebadmin

As stated in mwa wiki : Configuring clients

In the ‘munkiwebadmin/scripts’ folder, you’ll find the scripts which will run on the clients.

You will need to modify the MWA_HOST value in munkiwebadmin-config, which should be set to the address or hostname of the server running MunkiWebAdmin. If you’d like to run MunkiWebAdmin on a port other than port 80 (and you probably should), you would also specify that as part of the URL (as in this example, we’d specify ‘:8000′ at the end of the URL.

Copy the four scripts


to a test client at /usr/local/munki, and ensure they are at mode 755, owned by root:wheel.

Not really hard to setup. either use the .sh script to make a pkg or use packages or the luggage to make yours.

I use mostly.

Both mwa and munkireports-php provides one.

Note that mwa script is based on the munkireport-php one if I’m right. but the submit url is different of course.

I Created a pkg with files in


That’s not that hard, indeed.

“problem” is when you want to trigger more than 1 preflight or postflight script, like email reporting in case of errors.

Next post : tricks and scripts to trigger different preflight or postflight scripts

Helpfull url sources :


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