IPsec VPN | Android | Netgear ProSafe (SRX5308) – Part2

Android Settings

We saw the settings to use in the Netgear ProSafe, now let’s use it in the Android Device.

2.1. Create a new VPN connection.

Got to Settings -> Network Connections -> More Networks -> VPN

Clic on the + button to add a new VPN connection

Use following .

  • Name : Test (Whatever Obvious Name)
  • Type: IPSec Xauth PSK
  • IPSec url : vpn.example.com (some url or IP here)
  • PreSharedKey: @D4m3dG0od57RonGK3y1!
  • IPSec ID: remote.com



2.3. Account Infos

Clic on the Test connection to launch it.

Android_VPN_tab Android_VPN_Account

Set Username and password.

Use the User previoulsy created on the Netgear in Part 1.3

  • UserName: testuser
  • password: Ent3r@57r0nG!pAs5w0rD-Y0uF00L

Check the box Save account information

You should now be connected.

Android_VPN_Connected1 Android_VPN_Connected2

Note : If you clic on the upper right 3 vertical dots button, you can here choose to use an Always On VPN.


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