IPsec VPN | Android | Netgear ProSafe (SRX5308) – Part1

Netgear Settings SRX5308

Tested with :

  • NETGEAR ProSafeā„¢ Gigabit Quad WAN SSL VPN Firewall SRX5308

Log into your router management console and go to the VPN interface.

Clic on VPN in the upper menu. and in IPSec VPN if you’ve not landed there.

1.1) Create an IKE Policy

VPN Policies

Clic on the Add button

Mode Config Record

  • No


  • Policy name : SomeIKE_PolicyName ( test in the pic)
  • Direction / type : Responder
  • Exchange mode : Aggressive


  • Select Local Gateway : WAN1 *(choose the WAN on which you want VPN IPsec OF course)
  • Identifier Type * : Local Wan IP (this is the main trick vs Other IPSec VPN Setups)
  • Identifier : EMPTY (you can’t edit because of above option)


  • Identifier Type * : FQDN `(this is the main trick for Android vs Other IPSec VPN Setups Mac or PC)
  • Identifier : remote.com ( anything_you_want.someextension as it’s FQDN)

IKE SA Parameters

I usually leave default settings & choose :

  • Authentication Method: Pre-sharedkey.
  • Pre-shared Key: @D4m3dG0od57RonGK3y! ( and not 1234567890 as in the pic )

Extended Authentication

Choose Edge Device

Note :

  • Setting this allows you to use the same VPN/IPSec policies for different Users.
  • Users are set in the Users Menu. See below.

Save your New IKE Policy

Edit IKE Policies

1.2) Create a VPN Policy

Clic on VPN Policies

VPN Policies

Clic on the Add button


  • Policy name : SomeVPN_PolicyName ( testest in the pic)
  • Policy Type : Responder
  • Select Local gateway : WAN1 ( this is same as the one choosed in IKE Policy )
  • Remote EndPoint : FQDN remote.com ( same as in IKE Policy anything_you_want.someextension )
  • Leave the rest with default settings.

Traffic Selection

  • Local IP: Any
  • Remote IP: Any

Note :
This is the second TRick for Android vs Standard IPSec VPN settings for Macs or PCs.

Manual Policy Parameters

Nothing can be edited here with the Policy Type Option choosed in General.

Auto Policy Parameters

  • Select IKE Policy : SomeIKE_PolicyName (the policy name you entered in step 1.1 – test in the pic)
  • Leave default settings for the other Options.


We are almost done. Now Users.

1.3 Create Users

Clic on Users in the upper Menu.


Clic on the Add button


  • User Name: testuser
  • User Type: IPSEC VPN User
  • Password: Ent3r@57r0nG!pAs5w0rD-Y0uF00L

Clic Apply

You’re done for the Netgear part.

Next: the Android Setup


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