DELL PowerEdge2950 | Update BIOS, PERC5, firmware…

I’ve managed to get an old PowerEdge2950.


But It runs under a DEBIAN6. and want to play a bit with it.
First I realise that the firmware has never ever been updated,
nor the RAID PERC5 firmware/Drivers, well nothing at all. !?!

So I wanna do it.

1) debian not supported

Only RHEL (Red Hat Entreprise Linux) is officially supported and Windows of course.
There is some community stuff but it’s too complicated for a (DELL HARDWARE) new-bee like me,
and I don’t want to waste my time on it, so I’ll go thru window to make the updates of the BIOS, PERC, FIRMWARE and such….

2) Install Windows from a key.

But I just can’t install windows on it ?
Amazing it sees my Hard drives (RAID managed by the BIOS) but states it can’t load drivers ? WTF ? you see the drive and I can choose to format it !
tried with W7 and Windows server 2012. same result.

3) GO to DELL and download ISOs

here :

  • sbuu_2.4_866_A00.iso / will help you Update Bios from a DVD

here there is an ISO to ease the process of installing Windows. Haha ! Thank you Michael D. :)

  • cdu_1.6_core_173_A01.iso / will help you Install Windows on the PowerEdge

Let’s do it, boot from DVD cdu_1.6_core_173_A01 (or a USB stick), follow instructions.
Reboot with the USB key installer and … it says now the Windows Installer is not correct or something like that.

Anyway it failed.

I finally erased and recreated the Windows Install USB key from the iso, with this great tool ZOTAC winUSB Maker from a windows box.
It turned that unetbootin did not work quite well with the iso, maybe that was the culprit I don’t know.
It did work like a charm when I installed ESXi see here and here on my MacPro.

Anyway I rebooted, then this time hit the boot menu in the BIOS, chooses the USB key again and installs went smooth.
So the DELL utility to help Windows installs did help after all !

4) I now can install DELL BIOS update etc… from windows.

And identify the PowerEdge from the website directly from it.


The only problem is it makes as much noise as an airplane.
This won’t pass the WAF at all… but the PowerEdge is now fully updated.



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