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Sign Profiles from commandline using profile Manager Code signing Certificate.

Sign any (manually created) profiles without a developper Code signing Certificate by using Profile Manager Code signing Certificate. It works with any profile so far even those created with Apple Configurator or those found on github. The script have

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Automate TRIM activation on non-Apple SSD – 10.10.4+

As I’m changing many discs to SSD on macbookpros and Since 10.10.4 (and With 10.11.x ) Os X Now has – at last – a built’in command to enable TRIM on non-Apple SSDs. I wanted to automate this rather that

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Remove corrupted index from IMAP DOVECOT – Os X Server

If some User’s index goes wrong on your IMAP Dovecot Server. Usage : path/to/ PATH/TO/UUID-FOLDER-OF-SOME-USER Update : moved the file to github gist.

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