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Calculate or compare MD5 Checksum(s)


CreateMD5 to only create a file md5 checksum and have it copied to the clipboard | CompareMD5 to compare a file Checksum with a given Cheksum OR only create a file md5 checksum.

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Prestashop | Copy an Online “production” to a “local” VM/Server


How-to move a “production” Prestashop online shop to another Server (here a Local VM) for dev or upgrade tests purpose.

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Restoring/moving crashed Debian 5 datas to VM debian 7


I used to have an old PC on Debian 5 for web development. But when trying to upgrade it to debian 6, well the system never booted back. As I’m not a Linux master at all, I never came to

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EasyNagios for OsX Server | testing

Just gave a try to Nagios thanks to that very handy script : easyNagiosForOSXServer install from :

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Moving SQL datas from one server to another

Moving database tip from stack exchange. Old Server • Stop mysql server • Copy contents of datadir to another location on disk (~/mysqldata/*) • Start mysql server again (downtime was 10-15 minutes) • compress the data (tar -czvf mysqldata.tar.gz ~/mysqldata)

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Enabling root access to Gnome under Debian/Ubuntu

Some of us find it easy to work as root access instead of sudo. To permanently enable root access to yourDebian/Gnome desktops….

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