Back online…. some news

Hello guys,

I’ve been really busy in my new job and personnal life since last year.

I’ll try to answer hundreds of pending comments concerning Sfott.

Please Note that I do not have any hardware to test SFOTT since a long time.

I may manage to get one MacPro1,1 and even XServes1,1 and XServe2,1 but that won’t be short term anyway…

So for now, I can’t do much more. And I have to catch up on boot.efi evolutions.

I’ll dig again in the SFOTT code when I find some time.

Sorry for the blackout.
Still sfott continues to help some of you people and I’m glad with that.

and there has been more than 145K downloads.

Last but not least,
CNEt and other websites also propose SFOTT downloads.
I also spotted torrents !!
Beware that some of them add bad adware or may not have the correct dmg.

the only place to find the correct code I released is here>



Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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3 comments on “Back online…. some news
  1. Avatar Tom says:


    Your work is genius. You keep legacy Intel Macs alive. CAPITALIZE!
    With this many downloads if you charged $1 You would some decent pocket change. $100k? Keep the SFOTT alive. Ppl like me love it. and need it.

    • Olivier Olivier says:

      Thank you Tom,

      Yes I did think about it, some times and I’ll do it I guess.
      I don’t feel being the magician here, but it doen’t change the enormous time (and pleasure) I spent on this ;)
      thank you for you’r comment I appreciate that.

      • Avatar Tim says:

        definitely put up something like a paypal contrib $$ link.

        I know some people think everything on the web should be free, but doing this stuff is skilled work, time consuming and for me has saved me hundreds of dollars easily over the years.

        Most of us value what you do more than you can know and would be happy to chip in!

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