Automate TRIM activation on non-Apple SSD – 10.10.4+

As I’m changing many discs to SSD on macbookpros and Since 10.10.4 (and With 10.11.x ) Os X Now has – at last – a built’in command to enable TRIM on non-Apple SSDs.

I wanted to automate this rather that stay in front of each laptop Terminal.

This is great but CLI requires user input (twice).

The script/pkg will allow to enable trim on non-Apple SSD without user interaction.

It will precheck if Any SSD exists, if TRIM support is enabled – or not – to determine if it has to be runned or aborted.

You can either run the script directly from ARD or create a payload free pkg to be deployed with any tool you like.

Beware that payload free pkg do not leave receipts
so in that particular case you’ll have to create a preflight check script if you want to use with munki for example.

I’ll work on that later on, but either script or pkg work as expected from ARD.

As usual, you’d better test it before using, but I’ve got no issues so far.

Final note : this is NOT tested on 10.11 but shoud work as is.

You can find it here :

Edit :
– Added 10.11 support.
– Added restart Warning on the Install Window.


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