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VMware Os X : forceHardware Model and other tweaks

Dedicated Os X – Mac Settings for the VM .vmx file if you’re on a non-Apple Hardware : smbios.reflectHost = “FALSE” smc.present = “TRUE” smc.version = “0” Force a specific model You need the board-id and model ( example for

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Remove corrupted index from IMAP DOVECOT – Os X Server

If some User’s index goes wrong on your IMAP Dovecot Server. Usage : path/to/ PATH/TO/UUID-FOLDER-OF-SOME-USER Update : moved the file to github gist.

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SFOTT download issues


Hi all, Downloads have reached a huge rate from 25k to 100K+ in less than a month… Holly S…. Website then had serious issues with downloading for about a month, Ticket has been made and I’ve asked my provider to investigate

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Je suis Charlie

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OsX Network Time Server | YOSEMITE

Setting up Time servers on Os X (servers) for the Os X clients of your network. as the source ntp Server. Make sure your DNS are Ok and if needed Add Aliases records On the Servers you want to

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Changing Services Settings in Yosemite Server

With Os X Server you can move the Service data. Launch, then in the Settings pane you can edit the service Data by Clicking the Edit… button. But it’s all or nothing from the GUI. If like me you’d

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SFOTT | YOSEMITE beta release

EDIT 20141118 : Update runs fine from AppStore with 10.10.1 seeded today. I am very very very late at coding Sfott, I have focused on Yosemite Server for my job lately. I’ll do my best to go further and at

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SFOTT | YOSEMITE : success


Thanks to macrumors great people, I too, succeeded to install YOSEMITE (on my MacMini2,1) I do not have anymore MacPro1,1 at hand to test on it. But if a MacMini2,1 takes it, no worries Macpro1,1 & 2,1 will do has

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Setup VLANs between RV220W router and SG200-26 Switch (CISCO)


This is what I did to Set up VLANS Between a RV220W Router and SG200-26 Switch (both CISCO) This should be the same for any SG200-xx switch. I had lots of trouble getting it to work (because I did not

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Updating CISCO SG200-26 Firmware


I’ve got a Cisco SG200-26 switch, and it has a Firmware Version (Active Image): and Boot Version: I tried to update the (latest) firmware sx200_fw-14088.ros via http, and … it failed, stating there was an ‘error “illegal software

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