I’m a graphic and product designer

turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

and this is my Den.

A place like a second brain were I’ll put what I want to remember
as I haven’t enough RAM to remember everything I play with…

I’ll also put in here some of the work I did and like in graphic and/or product design.

A little more :

I’m based in Paris.

With an unlikely background, I graduated in industrial design, and sliped on graphic design.

My career evolves in parallel of graphic Desktop publishing birth,
the rise of network Technologies (www – emails – Ethernet)
and in a way … Apple Company.

I first met Apple Computers back in the 80’s with an Apple IIe in boarding school
and still have my Apple IIc from that time.

After my industrial design cursus, I begun working in a B2B Agency,
went freelance, founded a desktop publishing studio Company
then transformed it in a R&D Tech company based on an Ethernet “invention of mine”.
I now work in a goods company and administer and deploy Mac centric Networks.

20 years practice on graphic software suites and 10 years on 3D modeling.
17 years on Mac Os including 12 years on Mac Os X and 10 years on Mac Os X Server.

My favorite graphic and product softwares are (mostly):
Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Cinema4D, Catia, Rhino, Coda … and lot more.

My favorite MacSysAdmin tools concerns light imaging and deployment and are (will be) mainly related in here.

Either in Desktop publishing or Computers Management,
if I have to do things more than once I’ll do all I can to automate it.

You’ll find in here things I find usefull to my activities.
I’m sometimes a bit frustrated to bookmark stuff and finally realise later on that the site is down or the pages are gone.
I’ll humbly duplicate those here so I can still have them at hand and will try to link to each source from where they were found.

If I can’t do it (yet) I know I will.

You can reach me if you like on the contact page