10.9.5 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)

10.9.5 Update runs smooth.

No need to repatch the System once done, like for the previous 10.9.3 / 10.9.4

I’ve just downloaded and installed the 10.9.5 Update on my Guinea MacMini2,1 with no hassle.
Note I do not have access to the Macpro1,1 for now.

This Update still installs in two steps :

  • 1°) (download from Mac App Store, then) installs stuff BEFORE rebooting
  • 2°) continues the install on a second step after reboot.

Like 10.9.3 / 10.9.4 , it goes fine and the boot.efi is not replaced like it had been in the 10.9.2 previous update. Thanks Apple ;)
IF YOU ALLREADY installed either one combo (10.9.3 / 10.9.4 ) or the 10.9.2 and patched the boot.efi again, then it should run fine.

Note: I’ve tested from 10.9.4 to 10.9.5.


If you download the Update via AppStore: working out of the box.

No Need to repatch this time:

If you download the Combo from Apple website.

I’ve not tested this, but as said above, if you have not 10.9.2, then you’ll surelly have to rematch “again” once update is done. please follow the steps from the 10.9.2 procedure here

La mise à jour 10.9.5 se déroule bien.

A nouveau pas besoin de Re-patcher le Système cette fois-ci.

Je viens de télécharger et installer la mise à jour sur mon MacMini2,1 cobaye sans accroc.

Cette MàJ se fait toujours en deux étapes :

-1°) (téléchargement depuis le Mac App Store, puis) installation de l’étape 1 avant de redémarrer.
-2°) Redémarrage et retour sur le système.

Comme pour les MàJ 10.9.3 / 10.9.4, tout se déroule bien et le boot.efi n’est pas remplacé comme ce fut le cas avec la 10.9.2 précédente. Merci Apple :)
Attention, si vous n’avez jamais installé la 10.9.2 (soit directement soit via la combo 10.9.3 / 10.9.4 ) alors cette 10.9.5 sera une combo et vous devrez quasi certainement suivre la procédure pour le “repatch” de la 10.9.2 en suivant les instructions ici

note: J’ai fait la MàJ depuis 10.9.4 vers 10.9.5.

! Attention !

Si la MàJ est téléchargée via l’App Store, elle se déroule sans problème, depuis une 10.9.2 ou 10.9.3 ou 10.9.4

Pas besoin de repatcher cette fois-ci, non plus.

Si vous téléchargez la Màj depuis le site Apple,

Faites attention, si vous n’avez pas DEJA installé la 10.9.2 alors vous devrez certainement patcher en suivant la procédure pour la MàJ 10.9.2
de la même façon si vous télélchargez la MàJ “Combo” vous devrez à coup sur repatcher encore. Evitez les MàJ Combo sauf gros problème si vous avez deja fait 10.9.2 et/ou 10.9.3 et/ou 10.9.4



Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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85 comments on “10.9.5 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)
  1. Avatar Rottie says:

    Success with MacPro 1,1, did this two months ago. Actually had it up and running with 7300GT for two days before my GTX 570 arrived in mail. Have two screens and use both cards, the 7300 for the little 20″ monitor…only safari or finder windows act glitchy on the little monitor, everything fine with the new card running the main Apple 30″ lcd. Boot time quite long and still has the terminal code / black screen, but otherwise great.

    Tried to get the Numbers app running, won’t take since it knows I don’t have a true 64bit computer…so just have to use that on laptop.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Rottie,

      Anything displayed on the 7300GT will be glitched.
      For numbers you could try to laucnh it with the 7300GT out of the MacPro. I wonder if it’s not preventing Numbers. (I may be wrong)

  2. Avatar Giovanni says:

    I was reading thru the comments and did not see the answer to my question. So here it is…

    I am currently running Lion 10.7.5 on MacPro 1,1 with the 5770 1GB graphics.

    My plan is as follows: Download the Install file from my other macbook pro laptop for Maverick (which currently from the app store is version 10.9.5) and create a USB bootable drive to install on an extra ssd drive (which will be running Lion 10.7.5) on my mac pro 1,1 desktop.

    Since I am not updating from an earlier version of maverick to 10.9.5 do i just follow the instruction from your 10.9 & 10.9.1 page to install the 10.9.5? Or do I need to find a 10.9 or 10.9.1 install file and start from that version. (Kinda confused)

    I apologize if this was discussed or if you touched on this already. But your help is very appreciated. Thanks.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Giovanni,

      yep it may not be clear.
      Simply put, create a Key with the latest Mavericks you can get.
      Then go on and install on your target computer.

      One Warning, some did install over an existing system. Usually a fresh install is recommended, at least for testing. IF all good, you can try to update.

      AND be SURE to have a clone of your 10.7.5 SSD before, unless you don’t care to loose datas on it.

      • Avatar Giovanni says:

        Update: Finally pulled the trigger…. Success! I am now replying on my Mac Pro 1,1 running Mavericks 10.9.5 and installed latest updates via App Store. So far so good. Thank you for your and Tiamo’s hard work.

        The only thing I have noticed somewhat weird is that when I turn on the computer the sound bit that it makes when it powers up kinda stutters and replays the ‘power up’ sound bit about 3 times before it loads into the log in page. Not sure if anyone else had experience this but doesn’t seem to affect anything. I’ll update as time passes and I get to play around a bit more.

        Regardless, thanks again!


  3. Avatar Mi5terDNA says:

    Successfully upgraded my 10.7 install on my Mac Pro 1,1 directly to 10.9.5 using SFOTT (all applications and data intact too) The current Mavericks installer in the app store installs 10.9.5 directly so no need to update. Cannot thank you and Tiamo enough for your amazing work. Keep us posted about your Yosemite experimentation, I’m sure we’re all extremely excited.

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Mi5terDNA,

      good you updated with no glitch.
      take a look at here I did install YOSEMITE on my GUINEA MacMini2,1….
      I’ll work ASAP to release a New SFOTT for YOSEMITE

  4. Avatar Alastair says:

    I have a Mac Pro 1,1 installed Mavericks on USB stick, when to Mavericks install screen- installed. Rebooted. Then its just a white screen nothing seems to be happening. Any thoughts? Installed on an SSD.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Alastair,

      I’m not sure I understand all you say.
      did you succeed installing Mavericks on an external USB stick, or do you simply say you succeed in creating the USB installer stick ?
      And what is installed on SSD

  5. Avatar Jesse says:

    Hey there! I appreciate all the effort involved in making this work. I’m asking about some strange symptoms that I haven’t seen anyone else describe… My current set-up is a MacPro1,1 with an ATI/Radeon 5770 video card. In HD bay 1 I have my 10.7.5 install, and in HD bay 2 I have a blank 250 GB drive. I’m using an external firewire drive for my SFOTT key. Target install of Mavericks is on the HD in bay 2, so I can test that this will work before doing it to my main system.

    Every time I boot from the SFOTT key, *almost* all my USB devices stop working. While in the Mavericks installer my keyboard is not recognized and neither is my usual mouse. I have a back-up apple “mighty mouse”, and that is recognized by the system while in the installer. However, after the installer finishes and reboots (and then all the set-up of the new install begins), absolutely no USB ports are responsive to any devices whatsoever. I can’t finish the install and set-up of the new install because i have no input to the computer. Have you or anyone else encountered this issue?

    Any available help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Jesse,

      well that’s weird indeed.
      Either the installer has a bug and re-donloading it could help.
      I’d also try :
      – making the key on a secondary partition of your testing target drive (bay 2). Create a second partition with Disk Utility 8gb. And try to boot on it.
      – Also note that some Apple keyboards have had trouble being seen.
      Adding an “official” Apple extension USB Cable between the computer and the keyboard. I’ve read it helped to get keyboard seen by the computer weird but true.
      Your keyboard may be one of those strange behavior keyboards.
      Your trouble is a first. Many including I, have had trouble with some USB keys and using internal partitions and/or disc helped out, but in my knowledge no one lost USB at all.
      Please try those two tips and come back if it did not save you.

      • Avatar Jesse says:

        Thank you very much for the guidance! I’ll give it a shot when I can and post the results! For what it’s worth, I downloaded the installer from a separate computer that already has Mavericks installed, and moved it to the 10.7.5 machine which runs SFOTT to create the key. Could creating the key from the Mavericks machine that downloaded the install file help?

        • oem oem says:

          Hello Jesse,

          nope Best and easier is to run the SFOTT script and Key creation from within the Target computer. you’ll then won’t have to manually entre Model and Board-id, only confirm. this will Avoid typos.
          I’d run it from the target computer. You can run it from the Machine under Mavericks if you’d want to of course.

      • Avatar Jesse says:

        Ok, here’s my results:

        I created an 8GB partition on the target disk in HD bay 2, leaving the remainder for the Mavericks install. Upon boot from the new SFOTT key, still no response from my keyboard, and I still rely on a spare mighty-mouse for pointer input.

        So, the equipment that doesn’t work: Apple 109 keyboard (A1243) and Microsoft 5 button Intellimouse with scroll wheel.

        I went forward with install only with mouse control. After the reboot I remembered to try a Logitech wireless USB keyboard (K400) that was for another computer. The logitech worked, so I completed the install. There are still adverse USB related symptoms however:

        1) only the 3 USB ports on the back of the computer work; the 2 in front do not.
        2) Even from the ports that work, no other USB related implements work at all, including: various USB drives, apple cinema display USB connections, firewire cables for iPhone, etc.
        3) Unplugging either the Logitech keyboard or mighty-mouse renders the USB port and/or device it was plugged in to useless; the device can not be plugged back in to any effect on any port. Mavericks must be restarted with both devices plugged in for them to return to working.

        It’s like the USB ports only work if something is plugged into them from Mavericks start-up. I haven’t tested if having a USB drive plugged in from start-up renders it readable. Eitherway, the Mavericks install is not very useful in it’s current form.

        The one thing I have yet to try from your earlier suggestion is to re-download the entire Mavericks install file (perhaps it is bugged as you said).

        Sorry for the long comment, I’m just trying to be thorough.

        • Avatar Jesse says:

          Typo correction: when I said “firewire cables for iPhone” I meant “lightning cables for iPhone”.

        • oem oem says:

          Hello Jesse,

          I’ve read two days ago on Macrumors that MacPro1,1 and 2,1 are “known” to be USB picky…
          Sorry you have all those troubles, I don’t know what more to add to help you out.
          Maybe try on an internal partition to not stress too much the USB and have a chance to get USB only for Keyboard… I don’t know.

          • Avatar Jesse says:

            Right on. Thanks for all the help so far! If I improve the situation at all, I’ll be sure to post it for reference.


  6. Avatar mac_albert says:

    Hello everyone, I’m new user of SFOTT and I will try install fresh Mavericks 10.9.5 on my white Macbook 4,1. I read many threads of succes implementation, but I have problem with booting after instalation. Just I can’t boot.
    What I do: I make usb key, and I can run instalation process, and install is going on, after reboot system not boot, so I will try re-patching system, add new boot.efi etc…
    Meaby this was solved in Your comments, but I don’t find this, so please help me :) thank you.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Mac_albert,

      If I’m not wrong for Macbook4,1 you have to follow step by step menu and AVOID boot.efi patch.
      I have to create a Menu or option for USBkey autorun creation without modifying boot.efi

      • Avatar mac_albert says:

        Yes, exactly as You write avoid boot.efi, booting from usb key, whole instalation process is right and after rebooting – nothing. On screen onlny no entry pictogram.

        • Avatar mac_albert says:

          OK, I make 24 take to install Mavericks witout success…
          Where is my mistake:
          1. in application folder I have: Install OS X Mavericks.app (10.9.5)
          2. run SFOTT
          3. setting up (Computer to add, Choose USB/media key, Select OS X System Version, path to installer.app)
          4. make key step by step witout Tiamo boot.efi
          BonzoG says:
          2014/07/29 at 21:56

          Hi Dodino, I might have finally found a solution.
          Patch your key using SFOTT, but DON’T USE TIAMO EFI. The Macbook4,1 already has 64-bit EFI so doesn’t need the hacked EFI.
          Also you must delete “/System/Libray/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist” from your key – patching this file doesn’t seem to get around the hardware check, but deleting it does.
          My Black MB4,1 is installing Mavericks 10.9.4 right now. Hopefully it will be successful.

          6. Install fresh Mavericks on hdd
          7. when finish automatic reboot
          And now:
          Afer reboot I take grey desktop with no entry pictogram.
          When I boot from SFOTT key and make re-patch system still nothing.
          macbook4,1 2008 white A1181

          • oem oem says:


            Really don’t know how to help here. Id on’t have such hardware to at least try this….
            Have you tried gonzo’s method and erase the plist ?

  7. Avatar Andrew says:

    First of all, thank you for this excellent tool! I was able to upgrade my MacPro 1.1 from Lion to Mavericks 10.9.2! However, when I tried to upgrade to 10.9.5 via the App Store, my MP 1.1 would only boot to the Lion recovery partition. I re-installed 10.9.2 and it is working fine, but do you have any idea what went wrong? I want to upgrade to 10.9.5 but I’m afraid it will wreck my system again. Thanks in advance….

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Andrew,

      it seems that some have to repacth the system again from 10.9.2 to 10.9.5. I did not had to do so, but some reported they had to do so.
      This means that you have to follow the procedure of the 10.9.2 in that particular case.
      Note : I did 10.9.2 -> 10.9.3 -> 10.9.4 -> 10.9.5 one after the other from AppStore.
      I then think that “skipping” any of the Update may rewrite the boot.efi (as the Update is then a combo Update).
      Well just thinking, not sure I’m right on that.

  8. Avatar Paul4tune says:

    I’m on 10.9.2 tried to update to 10.9.5 wouldn’t even restart,so I recovered back to 10.9.2
    Trying to patch 10.9.5 booted from usb loads for a second then doesn’t go any further I just get the spinning wheel.
    So do I patch the full install 10.9.5 or just the update
    What version of SFOTT do I use not sure which way to turn


    • oem oem says:

      Hey Paul,

      Yeah I know Patch could be a bit more explicit ….
      Basically, Update the SFOTT key or recreate one if you like.
      the latest “official” release on the download page is the one.

      Once the Key is updated (from the installer choose the key)
      you’ll be able to boot from it and follow the procedure in the Terminal to launch SFOTT and patch from there.

      The goal is the to patch (repatch again in the menu) the target system, here you’ll choose your macintosh HD whatever its name is.

      I’ve had both cases, Some did not had to repatch some had to repatch !
      I did not. but I’ve always made the Updates in order and did not update from 10.9.2 to 10.9.4 or 10.9.5.. that may be the reason.

      If you have another bootable System then, you also can use it to laucnh SFOTT and patch your 10.9.5 form there.

  9. Avatar Paul4tune says:

    Finally after 3 days it’s done,what a marathon,partially to do with the usb I was using so I changed it booted straight away from the card,also me not understanding the process but now I do,thank you for the effort
    I rolled back to lion,then patched 10.9.2 with SFOTT ,installed ran the update inside 10.9.2 to 10.9.5 restarted didn’t boot so I launched SFOTT usb again then re patched 10.9.2 job done

  10. Avatar Flo says:

    Is it possible to jump from 10.9.1 to 10.9.5 directly via AppStore? (Mac Pro 1,1) Thanks :)

  11. Avatar Tigran says:

    It works perfect!
    I’ve re-patched 10.9.5 updated from 10.9.1.
    Thank you team!

  12. Avatar Bob says:

    OS X 10.9.5 is available on CNET Downloads. Anyone had any success going from 10.6.8 using this download?

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Bob, I never Allowed CNET. Correct download is here.

      Note thta it’s been an eternity I have NOT work on it as I don’t have any hardware for testing now ;(

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