10.9.4 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)

10.9.4 Update runs smooth.

No need to repatch the System once done, like for the previous 10.9.3

I’ve just downloaded and installed the 10.9.4 Update on my Guinea MacMini2,1 with no hassle.

This Update still installs in two steps :

  • 1°) (download from Mac App Store, then) installs stuff BEFORE rebooting
  • 2°) continues the install on a second step after reboot.

Like 10.9.3, it goes fine and the boot.efi is not replaced like it had been in the 10.9.2 previous update. Thanks Apple ;)
IF YOU ALLREADY installed either one combo (10.9.3) or the 10.9.2 and patched the boot.efi again, then it should run fine.

Note: I’ve tested from 10.9.3 to 10.9.4.


If you download the Update via AppStore: working out of the box.

No Need to repatch this time:

If you download the Combo from Apple website.

I’ve not tested this, but as said above, if you have not 10.9.2, then you’ll surelly have to rematch “again” once update is done. please follow the steps from the 10.9.2 procedure here

La mise à jour 10.9.4 se déroule bien.

A nouveau pas besoin de Re-patcher le Système cette fois-ci.

Je viens de télécharger et installer la mise à jour sur mon MacMini2,1 cobaye sans accroc.

Cette MàJ se fait toujours en deux étapes :

-1°) (téléchargement depuis le Mac App Store, puis) installation de l’étape 1 avant de redémarrer.
-2°) suite de l’installation après le redémarrage et retour sur le système.

Comme pour la MàJ 10.9.3, tout se déroule bien et le boot.efi n’est pas remplacé comme ce fut le cas avec la 10.9.2 précédente. Merci Apple :)
Attention, si vous n’avez jamais installé la 10.9.2 (soit directement soit via la combo 10.9.3) alors cette 10.9.4 sera une combo et vous devrez quasi certainement suivre la procédure pour le “repatch” de la 10.9.2 en suivant les instructions ici

note: J’ai fait la MàJ depuis 10.9.3 vers 10.9.4.

! Attention !

Si la MàJ est téléchargée via l’App Store, elle se déroule sans problème, depuis une 10.9.2 ou 10.9.3

Pas besoin de repatcher cette fois-ci, non plus.

Si vous téléchargez la Màj depuis le site Apple,

Faites attention, si vous n’avez pas DEJA installé la 10.9.2 alors vous devrez certainement patcher en suivant la procédure pour la MàJ 10.9.2
de la même façon si vous télélchargez la MàJ “Combo” vous devrez à coup sur repatcher encore. Evitez les MàJ Combo sauf gros problème si vous avez deja fait 10.9.2 et/ou 10.9.3



Product and graphic designer turned to be a Mac SysAdmin.

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25 comments on “10.9.4 Update and SFOTT | All smooth but BEWARE (again)
  1. Avatar Seth says:

    Confirmed. 10.9.4 working on my MP1,1. Thank you as always!

    • Avatar jianfour says:

      What did you do to get working on your MP 1,1 ?
      I see some repatched, is that replacing the boot.efi?

    • Avatar Luis says:

      I have a problem with imessage activation help

      • oem oem says:


        Either you have no recovery partition and/or your iCloud account does not have a valid credit card associated with it…

  2. Avatar Joe says:

    Hey, I am currently on 10.9.1 on a mac pro 1,1 and looking to update to 10.9.4. Will the boot.efi be replaced if I try and update via the App store?

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Joe,

      If you did not allready did it , yes the update replaces the boot.efi (as it includes the 10.9.2 update). this is why you’ll have to re-patch the system

  3. Avatar Brian Seegmiller says:

    I updated from the appstore and no go. I try to boot in mavericks 10.9.4 and it won’t do it.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Brian,

      did you figure it out ?
      you have to repatch if you were on 10.9 and 10.9.1 prior to update to 10.9.2 – 10.9.3 – 10.9.4

  4. Avatar Paulie says:

    Hi there

    I’ve just used SFOTT to install 10.9.4 on my MacPro 2,1. Went smoothly.

    After using Mavericks, I’ve noticed my fans speed up and makes a beep sound ONLY when waking up from sleep. Startup is fine. It never had this issue when I was still using Snow Leopard (10.6.8).

    As anyone else had this issue?

  5. Avatar Chris says:

    Thanks for updating on this. Very helpful information and much appreciated!

  6. Avatar antonio says:

    I just upgraded my MacPro 1,1 to 2,1 with 2 quad core 3Ghz and updated the firmware to 2,1.
    I’m currently on 10.7.5. and would like to install Mavericks.
    I’ve been reading your blog but am a bit confused as to which sfott version to use with which os version.
    Could you please point me in the right direction?
    Thank you.

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Antonio,

      Well for you it should be quite “easy” as you’ll start from 10.9.4, so no combo should be involved….
      Simply follow the steps, I won’t put it in comments but in short :
      – Download and install the script. (better on the target machine)
      – Go to settings and validate target USB disk or internal – dedicated partition for the soft key.
      – Run the script – Automode should be preferred.
      – Reboot with the alt-option key pressed and choose the USB key.

      you should be good to go.

      eventually a dummy option exist to get a key very fast – no copy of packages, only patches.
      boot from it, if you reach the installer. DON’T install (again no packages are present)

      – reboot in your system, run the script again and choose to convert dummy to real key.
      once done reboot choose the key and you’re good to go.

      PLEASE dno’t do this on your 10.7 system. do a fresh clean install on a dedicated partition – unless you don’t care about your datas.

  7. Avatar kobe says:

    what about x1600 radeon gpus? i’m getting terrible video on my a1212 macbook pro. can one install the drivers from Lion? is there a fix?

    • oem oem says:

      Hi Kobe,

      I only focus on the script to ease the process…
      To much hardware involved and beyond my knowledge, I won’t be much help here.

      I’m quite impressed you made it on a MacBook Pro.
      For Lion kext and tweaks best advise would be macrumors forums.

  8. Avatar Julio says:

    Hi, I’m updating from 10.9.3 to 10.9.4, at start I was scared since I was used to see the software update window, instead now see app store (uch, a bug I thought), I come from 10.7.5 and I got a white macbook late 2006, everything updated well at my sight and spotlight is indexing automatically (I think that I don’t need to run the spotlight script, right?), by curiosity, there’s a way to expand again the video memory to 64 Mb and it’s acceleration? it’s a intel gm950 i think, it look slower refreshing everything and it notified that my actual vmware fusion is outdated

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Julio,

      I won’t be much help with “post-life after the installation” I just try to make it easier to get it done with Tiamo’s boot.efi.
      I’d say that unless you tweak drivers and kext you won’t improve the 64 MB issue, and I’m not even sure there is a way to make it at all.

      Do I understand correctly that you succeed on a macbook late2006 or have you suceeded on another machine ?

      If you only have 64MB for VRAM, indeed you’ll have slower machine.
      That’s why the tweak is first targeted for MAcPro (and Xserve) as you can upgrade parts and/or use it as a server…

  9. Avatar Mike says:

    I tried to update to 10.9.4 and it instantly comes up to a blinking ? in a folder.

  10. Avatar hegl says:

    Hi oem,

    first: thx for SFOTT
    second: I have a problem:
    MacPro 1,1 & 10.7.5. Installation without hassles. I can choose my USB-Stick as startupdisk, showing 10.9.4. But after booting I stick on my old 10.7.5 system.
    Any advice?

    • oem oem says:

      Hello Hegl,

      you may try real hard drive / partition.
      guess would be all has not been patched

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